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Forward thinkers, innovators and change-makers work with CSB

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The gourmet brothers and the technology behind their online meat store

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Rejuvenated ERP system for the cosmetics specialist

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Measuring what matters in Meat Production

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Lean processes in mozzarella production

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Data to improve the sausage production

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Good data basis for smart decisions

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On the road to the digital pastry shop

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Poultry specialist on course for digitization

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Forward thinkers, innovators and change-makers. The digital transformation is driven by humans. They appreciate the new opportunities that come with new technologies. They think and act in a future-oriented manner, gradually optimizing, digitizing and automating their businesses. This is how they achieve the leading positions in their markets. Read eight exciting stories on this – now in our anthology.

We from CSB support them on their way. We incorporate the collective experience in our software. The approach towards digitization may differ from company to company, but the direction is always the same: forward. #forwardtogether

Online grocery shopping is on the rise, this is what Wolfgang, Stephan and Michael Otto have experienced too. While their business was already doing well in pre-COVID times - facilitated by…

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Those who want to cut the costs in meat production need to minimize the losses in the processing chain. Rob Engelhart and the Californian enterprise Courage Production demonstrate how…

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With its fresh and high quality products in its +100 stores Australia wide, Soul Origin uses the CSB ERP System as the core Solution for the business processes and to ensure the food…

Rivalea provides high quality pork to many retailers and wholesalers around Australia and is well positioned in the market with the integrated CSB System from Livestock, abattoir,…

Located in Melbourne, DVP supplies products and services to both export and domestic markets. It has a fully integrated system which includes an abattoir, boning room, value adding…

Established in 1985, Freshpork is the country’s leading pork processor and wholesaler. The CSB system is used right throughout the business – from livestock management through to sales.

The meat processing plants of the Cherkizovo Group use CSB FACTORY ERP to optimize the material and information flows and to automate the production processes.

CSB FACTORY ERP controls the new built meat factory, which enables Rewe Austria to economically meet the latest consumer demands.

ERP and RFID in the meat production: At Skiba, this combination secures optimized processes and full proof of origin.

Using the CSB-System, the poultry producer has been able to double its turnover while reducing costs. One of the key drivers has been optimized picking.

The canned food producer unites the two worlds of tradition and modern processes - efficiently controlled by the CSB-System.

The CSB software optimally supports Tatár Pékség Kft. in the production of precooked and frozen food products.

The traditional hot dog specialist has optimized its processes by implementing the CSB-System. Miller is now able to organize its day-to-day operations much more efficiently.

With high-quality products and state-of-the-art technologies, the meat processing company Marcel has worked its way into a good competitive position.

With CSB, the turkey specialist has evolved into a global player. High productivity and a customer-oriented production were the key success factors.

With the CSB-System, Gramex 2000 Kft. has optimized the production of beverages for producers, retailers and resellers.

An IT aided goods and information flow characterizes the manufacturing process of Europrod's semi-finished products.

The CSB-System enables Eisberg Hungary Kft. to fully comply with the strict quality requirements of its fresh salad products.

By implementing the CSB-System, the meat processing company has improved the inventory management, optimized the yields, the post-calculation and increased its efficiency.

The vertically integrated pork production company uses the CSB-System to assure the quality of all raw materials and ingredients along the entire process chain.

For Carniprod, targeted investments in information technology were the key to achieving traceability of processes and products.

The poultry factories and the sausage production plant of Prioskolye have used the industry-specific IT solution by CSB for efficiently controlling the processes.

Belmit, one of the leading meat product manufacturers in Belarus, increases the flexibility and efficiency of its internal logistics by using the CSB-System.

The slaughterhouse and cutting facility of the agricultural holding company Belgrankorm uses CSB’s software to optimize its processes and to assure quality and traceability.

The new meat processing facility PROMAGRO controls all processes with the CSB-System: from slaughter and grading with the CSB Image Meater up to the final product.

From rearing to packing: The vertically integrated company Rima controls all stages of pig and cattle processing with the CSB-System.

The pork processing company Van Rooi relies on an IT-aided traceable supply chain under one roof - from the farm to the grocery store.

The company Moerbeko NV, established in 1985, uses the CSB-System to control its processes in the production of beef, veal and lamb products.

Aided by the CSB-System, Belgian poultry specialist Volys has optimized weigh price labeling and picking and maximized its supply capability.

With over 5,000 employees, Plukon is one of Europe's biggest poultry processing companies. CSB FACTORY ERP ensures the required efficiency and transparency.

Marmo Retail is a pioneer in the automation of intralogistics. As a result, the company is able to manage its wide variety of products extremely efficiently.

For 75 years, the food wholesaler has distributed mainly game and poultry meat, at an international level, now using a new online ordering system.

The cheese and wine producer Farma Majcichov is one of the principal suppliers for McDonald’s in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Farma uses the ERP software by CSB to manage its…

DZ Klatovy uses CSB's all-inclusive turnkey solution. Every day, about 50 employees work with the CSB-System simultaneously - also on hand-held devices and scanners.

Bivoj is among the best-known meat processing companies in the Czech Republic. In terms of IT, Bivoj has relied on the industry-specific ERP solution by CSB for more than 15 years.

At Wojnar’s, the CSB-System links the flow of goods with the information flow and contributes to secure the competitiveness of the delicatessen manufacturer.

The integrated control of the material and information flows by means of CSB FACTORY ERP enables the Austrian poultry specialist to make an effective contribution to the results of the…

CSB FACTORY ERP combines sophisticated intralogistics and an optimized flow of goods to facilitate efficient meat processing on a minimum of space.

At the Swiss butcher company Gabriel, an innovative intralogistics solution has enabled an optimized flow of goods and efficient processes on a minimum of space.

Seamless processes and traceability are essential for successful poultry processing. At Kneuss, this is ensured by CSB.

At the renowned bakery product company, mobile picking with CSB enables efficient processes as well as rapid, error-free order management.

Salad and vegetables, from field to fork: internationally coordinated, produced and quality tested with the CSB-System

The small family-led company has turned into one of the world's biggest manufacturers of traditional Italian pastry and bakery products.

The former micro-enterprise established in 1922 today produces premium ham specialties on an area of 8,000 square meters.

Trota Oro started up in 1988 with the production of smoked trout. Later, the company has expanded its product line with other processed products.

The passion and aptitude for their profession have made Nocker one of the most important traditional companies in South Tyrol's food serving industry.

For more than 200 years, Falorni has produced premium salami in the heart of Italy's Chianti region. The company combines modern technologies with traditional processing methods.

Franzin is dedicated to the traditional production of salami and meat products sold throughout Italy.

Eurochef specializes in the production and sale of ready-to-serve meals for the restaurant industry as well as wholesalers, retailers and final consumers.

Korocha (Miratorg), one of Russia's biggest pig slaughter and processing facilities, controls its entire production process with CSB FACTORY ERP.

The AgroPromkomplektacia group uses cutting-edge technologies and automated processes. For its IT, the company relies on the industry solution CSB FACTORY ERP.

Züger Frischkäse AG, Switzerland, processes milk from 400 suppliers in about 700 different products, partly in very small batches. The CSB-System ensures lean processes.

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The Wolf group is among the top ten sausage manufacturers in Germany. By using the CSB-System, the medium-size enterprise aims to make the paperless factory a reality in the near future.

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Wiesbauer is the number one in Austria's summer sausage market. The family-led company uses the ERP software by CSB to ensure process efficiency and maximum transparency for management.

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Comprehensive digitization and automation measures brought fivefold growth in production volumes over the past 10 years at the Polish pastry company Staropolska.

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Using an innovative logistics system, Dutch meat processor ProMessa has almost doubled its output - with a delivery performance of 99 percent.

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The Slovenian poultry processor is well prepared for the tough conditions of the poultry industry. A future-proof process and IT landscape has been a prerequisite.

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The Sander group is one of the big players in the field of convenience products. With the help of the CSB-System, the company has grown almost tenfold in size in just 18 years.

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The Vion Convenience meat processing company is able to trace its beef products back to the ear tags – in less than one hour.

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The Allgäu-based manufacturer of organic baby food and baby care products uses the CSB-System to ensure full traceability of its raw materials and products.

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The digitization of processes has top priority for artists' paints manufacturer Schmincke. The market leader has used the ERP system by CSB for more than 20 years now.

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In its 15 subsidiaries, the Munich-based bakery Max Rischart’s Backhaus KG caters to approx. eight million customers per year. Rischart's uses the CSB-System to ensure, among other things,…

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In Wismar, the fish processing company Norfisk has bundled its sales and logistics units for the German-speaking region. The turnover of 40,000 pallets per year would be unthinkable without…

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Naabtaler Milchwerke uses the CSB-System to portray all company divisions and achieves maximum process efficiency as a result.

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MTN is one of Europe's top 3 manufacturers of dialysis concentrates. With the validated ERP software by CSB, MTN complies with the strict regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical…

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At delicatessen manufacturer Kugler, the CSB-System ensures optimum production and logistics processes. If you place your orders before noon, you can receive your goods on the next day.

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Cake mix expert Kathi portrays all business processes with the CSB-System, thus increasing transparency and efficiency.

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Swiss powder coating specialist IGP has successfully digitized its enterprise with the ERP software by CSB, globally optimizing all processes step by step.

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The most famous inn of the world optimally controls all subsidiaries and divisions across all sites with the CSB-System and thus serves its products even fresher.

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With the help of the ERP software by CSB, baked goods manufacturer Hack ensures transparent processes, seamless controls and a safe product quality for its customers.

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Mexico's biggest pork processing company uses smart technologies by CSB to digitize and automate the processes at its new 32,000 square meter meat processing plant.

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Austria's leading flour manufacturer controls its enterprise resource planning, logistics and machines with the ERP software by CSB.

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With the CSB-System, the food wholesaler processes orders within 24 hours. FRIPA uses pick-by-scan and pick-by-voice systems for efficient and error-free picking.

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Fleischhof Rasting, a production facility of EDEKA, has equipped its 80 vehicles with a new route optimization solution by CSB-System - and saves time and money as a result.

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As the leading fish processing company in Austria, Eisvogel supplies its products to more than 6,000 customers. The ERP solution by CSB-System facilitates the challenging logistics.

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Edeka Südwest Fleisch controls the entire value chain with the FACTORY ERP solution by CSB at one of the most modern and innovative meat processing facilities in Europe.

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Since the introduction of the ERP software by CSB, the US corned-beef specialist E.W. Grobbel Sons has grown successfully, increasing its annual sales by a factor of fourteen.

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The medium-size cosmetics manufacturer Dr. Babor is a pioneer in the field of digitization. At Babor, the smart factory is no longer a vision, it‘s reality.

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At the new meat processing plant of “Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat”, Colruyt takes advantage of the FACTORY ERP solution by CSB - and has become one of Belgium's leading high-performance meat…

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At Swiss food wholesaler Bianchi, IT is a vital success factor. The software systems ensure efficient processes and minimal response and delivery times.

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