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9 criteria for successful ERP selection for meat companies

Any software as close to the core business as an ERP system must be a perfect fit.

Software video

Industry-specific ERP software for bakeries and pastry shops – demo

Take a closer look at our industry-specific ERP system for bakeries and pastry shops. Watch our demo video of the most important functions, such as production planning, touch production,…


Meat Management Made Easy

Rising raw material prices, pressure on margins, consumer-driven marketplaces – the meat industry is facing challenging times. How the ERP system can help.

Case Study

Pivka: Digitized poultry production

Low prices, permanent supply capability and maximum freshness: food retailers and consumers make many demands on poultry suppliers. Janez Rebec has consistently prepared the Slovenian…


8 cost-cutting measures for more profit

Use our recommendations for food processing companies, with specific cost saving potentials implemented in practice.


Butcher Shop Stöckle OHG - Family business relies on ERP-System for digitization

The strength of most meat businesses is their product leadership. Another element for their competitive success is having excellent processes. Christan Stöckle therefore relies on the…


Dr. Babor - Rejuvenated ERP system for the cosmetics specialist

The medium-size cosmetics manufacturer Dr. Babor is a pioneer in the field of digitization. At Babor, the smart factory is no longer a vision, it's the reality. CEO Christoph Robertz and his…


Bell Food Group - People first, technology second

The Swiss Bell Food Group is in the middle of its digital transformation. According to CIO Sven Friedli, the most important pillars are a reliable IT partner, and the right technologies to…


HUG AG - Digitally enhanced value creation at the bakery

HUG AG, a traditional bakery business based in Switzerland, has long been one of the leading companies in the country’s bakery products sector, the enablers of its success being innovation,…



ERP Software Demo

Take a close look at our ERP system. Watch our demo video of the most important functions, such as production planning, cutting, traceability, and our web apps.


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