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Food & Beverages

The ERP software for the food industry

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A comprehensive solution for the specific requirements of the food and beverage industry

Software can only create its greatest effect and generate the greatest value if it covers the specific requirements of the industry and replicates its processes. This is why CSB offers specialized software for the food industry. CSB founder Dr. Peter Schimitzek recognized that already back in 1981, when he launched one of the first specialized ERP systems for the food industry. Step by step, in more than 1,000 projects, CSB’s ERP system has been extended in line with the industry requirements. Today, it is the leading comprehensive system for the food industry.

Bread & bakery products

ERP software for the baking industry

The bread and bakery products sector is a dynamic, innovative industry supplying food to millions of consumers every day. Profitably producing premium-quality bakery products while using state-of-the-art technology, quickly delivering fresh products to customers and subsidiaries, complying with legal requirements, and establishing product transparency for consumers: our bakery ERP software can achieve a lot for your business

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ERP software for the delicatessen industry 

Delivering ultra-fresh products with standardized top quality, adapting recipes to the taste of high-end cuisine chefs and consumers, and perfectly positioning product lines in the long term: these are just a few of the daily challenges in the delicatessen sector. Additionally, you have to respond to the growing pressure in conditions and pricing. Our ERP software specifically for delicatessen products can support you in this demanding task.

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ERP software for the fish and seafood industry

To a great extent, the success of your business depends on whether you fully meet the market expectations in terms of freshness, quality, speed, and reliability. Planning such demanding processes, organizing them smoothly, and adapting them to the delicate raw materials of fish and seafood: master now your daily challenges even more successfully with our software for the fish industry.

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ERP software for the beverage industry

Costly raw materials, high energy prices, strict legal requirements, dynamic consumer behavior, and exceptional product line volumes – enterprises in the beverages industry have to be increasingly flexible and economical. Whether cost savings through integrated processes, highly efficient logistics, or more flexibility for adjustments: our software for the beverage industry has many practical advantages, offering the right solutions to your challenges.

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Dairy Products

ERP software for the dairy industry

Cost and quality pressure, accelerated delivery cycles, resource efficient management, laws and policies, product transparency for consumers. The list of requirements for dairy companies is long. If you want to control your business successfully, you need coherent processes from beginning to end. This is essential to solve these major challenges with ease. With our ERP software for the dairy industry, you fully utilize the optimization potentials in your business processes.

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Fruit & vegetables

ERP software for the fruit and vegetables industry

Speed, cost efficiency, freshness, and top quality: these are the success factors for processing and trading fruit and vegetables. Perfectly tuning complex processes, assuring premium product quality, streamlining and efficiently organizing production and logistics processes: our ERP software for the fruit and vegetables industry ensures smooth workflows in your business.

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ERP software for the confectionery industry

Procuring raw materials at the best conditions and processing at optimal costs, setting consumer trends, dynamically catering for dynamic consumer behavior in accordance with the seasons, quickly fulfilling retail demands and reliably complying with legal requirements. These are the challenges the confectionery industry is facing. Find now the right solution for every task and achieve more with our ERP software for the confectionery industry.

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These are your benefits as a customer

High security of investment

Lower cost and fast system introduction

More efficiency and quality

Full transparency of all business areas

Leading companies successfully manage their business with our ERP software for the food industry

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