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A few years ago New Zealand ́s leading pork processor Freshpork initiated a major review of its software platform. One of the primary goals was to introduce an integrated ERP from slaughtering to finance and eliminate existing point solutions. The more consistently Freshpork uses the ERP software for process optimization, the more efficient the company gets.

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Find out how Freshpork uses the ERP software for process optimization and gets more efficient.

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How we use ERP as a growth driver

In the talk with our industry experts, Odhran will tell us how he and his team succeeded in digitizing and optimizing Freshpork. He will also speak about the challenges Freshpork encountered on their journey towards a digitized pork processing company, and share his key insights for a successful strategy.

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One of the main goals for this implementation was to have a single flow of goods in a centralized system, while covering all our sector-specific and customer requirements”

Odhran McCloskey, IT-Manager