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The right software for your industry

ERP software for the food industry

Software can only create its greatest effect and generate the greatest value if it covers the specific requirements of the industry and replicates its processes. This is why CSB offers special solutions for each sector of the food industry.

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ERP software for the meat industry 

Today and in the future, meat producers and meat processors have to hold their ground in global competition, open up new sales channels, utilize the digital transformation for their own purpose, and fulfill more and more legal requirements. Observing ethical and moral consumer demands is equally important as complying with regulations for food safety, proof of origin and traceability.

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ERP software for Trade & Logistics

Complexity and fierce competition, increasing customer demands and growing product and variant diversities: With CSB’s industry solution for trade and logistics, you successfully master the challenges of your dynamic market. Be it cost savings through streamlined processes and highly efficient logistics solutions or higher flexibility and speed for adjustments: Our industry solution for retail and logistics offers many advantages and ensures excellent business process flows.

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ERP software for the chemical industry

Fluctuating raw material prices, demands shifting to new markets, expensive research and development, complex process engineering, large varieties of products, internal and external hazardous materials management and strict legal regulations - businesses in the chemical industry must respond ever more flexibly to market requirements and become more economical. Successfully face these challenges with CSB's solution specifically designed for the needs of the chemical industry.

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ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry

On the one hand, the pharmaceuticals industry is very research-intensive; on the other hand, it is demanding in terms of production and sales given the health policy standards and various legal requirements. Pharmaceutical companies are affected by cost reduction measures in the public health sector as well as by globalization, demographic change, resource scarcity or climate change. For pharmaceutical research companies and, by the same token, manufacturers of generic drugs, it is vital to plan, organize, control and document their processes more economically and reliably than ever before. Discover our solution for the pharmaceuticals industry and find the right answer to your challenges.

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ERP software for the cosmetics industry

Successfully gear your processes in a fast and flexible manner to the requirements of your market. Our solution for the cosmetics industry helps you accomplish this from product development to consumer. Be it cost savings through integrated processes or compliance with highest standards in development, production and quality management: With our solution for the cosmetics industry, you manage your company even more successfully.

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The right software for your requirement

We believe that an ERP system should adapt to the development of your company, and not the other way round. The ERP is the heart of your IT and the central nervous system of tomorrow's Smart Factory. Being the innovation partner of our customers, we have developed the CSB-System for 40 years now. INDUSTRY ERP, FACTORY ERP or BASIC ERP: The CSB-System meets all industry-specific requirements, is upward compatible and can be flexibly extended in the ways our customers choose.


CSB BASIC ERP - The turnkey industry solution

The industry expertise of the internationally successful CSB-System is available as an industry-specific turnkey solution specifically for small and medium-size companies.


  • Operational within two weeks
  • 80 % less implementation cost
  • No IT expert required


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CSB FACTORY ERP - The industry solution for production facilities

With CSB FACTORY ERP, you take advantage of the industry-specific ERP system for optimally controlling factories in corporate groups and holding companies


  • Better control of your factories
  • More efficiency and quality
  • Less IT cost


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CSB INDUSTRY ERP - The all-inclusive solution for your company

Optimally geared to the requirements of your industry, CSB INDUSTRY ERP as a comprehensive industry-specific solution covers all areas of the value chain, vertically and horizontally.


  • Modular and scalable, from individual processes to a comprehensive solution
  • Higher process transparency and efficiency
  • All industry-specific business processes covered 100% by the standard version.


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About CSB

CSB-System SE is the leading industry specialist for the process industries of food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and trade. As a one-stop provider of software, hardware, services and business consulting, we optimize the business processes of our customers and create significant competitive advantages with our CSB turnkey solution. Learn more about the CSB group of companies. 


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