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History of CSB

Programmed for Your Success since 1977

The establishment of CSB


On July 1, 1977, CSB was founded as a consulting firm by Dr. Peter Schimitzek and his brother Karl-Heinz.  Their focus was on business consulting for food manufacturers and matters of food law. In the mid-seventies, the German legislator introduced new food law regulations stipulating that meat-processing companies permanently have to control their recipes. That was also when the era of electronic data processing started at the enterprises. For Peter Schimitzek, it was therefore a logical step to use IT for his customers in order to solve business challenges as for instance location analyses, product calculations and recipe optimization.

The brand CSB


Initially, CSB's company name was KSB. The abbreviation KSB means “Kalkulations-Service und Beratung” (calculation service and consulting). However, in 1980 the company had to change its name as the abbreviation KSB was already being used by a well-known pump manufacturer. In the scope of an internal survey, an employee suggested the name "CSB" as an alternative. The company could thus continue to use the developed logo with only a few minor changes. What is more, the name CSB-System for "Computer, Software und Beratung mit System" (computer, software and consulting - systematically) suited CSB much better as CSB offered all services from a single source - software, hardware, service and business consulting.

The first CSB customer

The first major customer to use the CSB system was Meica based in Edewecht. Peter Schimitzek had advised Meica on recipe optimization. Further installations quickly followed. The first closed product management system was installed at Schmitz Fleischwaren in Heinsberg. Meica and Schmitz are still among CSB's satisfied customers.

The first IT turnkey solution for the food industry


CSB started developing software with programs for product calculation and recipe optimization in the meat industry. From 1981 on, the software has been systematically supplemented with the areas of procurement, production, sales and accounting so that in in 1983, the first specialized solution for the meat industry on PC basis could be presented. CSB extended the software to meet the requirements of other industries such as bread & baked goods, delicatessen, fish, beverages, dairy products, fruit & vegetables as well as confectionery.

CSB was thus the first provider of a specialized IT turnkey solution for the food industry. Since 1985, CSB's software has been upward compatible. This means, release changes are automated to a large extent so that the latest version of the CSB-System is operational within a few hours' time.

Its clear industry focus distinguishes CSB from the major ERP providers and is the decisive economic factor for the customers. Today, CSB’s turnkey solution caters to all areas of the value chain in the CSB industries - vertically and horizontally, that is from primary production to consumers, and from machine to controlling. In this way, the CSB-System replicates all industry-specific business processes in its standard version.

The head office and the octagon


Just like many other successful software companies, CSB started up in private apartments and, for a short period, partly in “a garage”. In September 1990, CSB moved to its new location, which is the present head office in Geilenkirchen that was specifically built for the company. The octagon is of great symbolic value. With its regular shape, and as a symbol for wealth, harmony and fortune, this form was to mold the CSB building. It was planned to look similar to the famous castle of Castel del Monte, hunting seat of Frederick II, but as a moated castle. The work environment is be agreeable. In addition to the water and the park surrounding the building, a palm garden in the atrium and coffee corners in all octagons provide for a pleasant work atmosphere.

The growth


In 1990, also the first foreign subsidiary was established in Switzerland. After the fall of the Wall, CSB rapidly expanded in the new federal states. In 1992, a subsidiary in France followed, 1995 in Spain, 1998 in Finland and Sweden, and in 1999 CSB started up in the USA. The demand for an industry-specific turnkey solution led to strong international growth.

Today, CSB's experts are on site around the world, implementing and supporting projects regionally with international expertise. CSB supports customers in around 50 countries and is represented with offices in 25 countries. The software is offered in 25 languages. Overall, CSB employs approx. 550 employees and is among the largest family-managed software enterprises in Europe.

CSB today

Together with its customers, CSB has steadily expanded, refined, and improved its all-inclusive IT solution. During its 45-year history, CSB has established a unique set of best practices for the food and beverages, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. The CSB-System is in use worldwide and comprises the know-how of all CSB projects it its standard version.

CSB continues to be an industry specialist and one-stop provider. Vanessa Kröner: “We offer our customers everything they need for the efficient operation of the CSB-System, worldwide and from our own hand. Our service portfolio comprises software, industry hardware for automation, support, training, process consulting as well as cloud services.”


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