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The CSB Group of Companies

For 40 years now, the CSB group of companies has been specializing consistently in process industry and retail. Owing to strong demand, satisfied customers and a state-of-the-art portfolio with software, hardware, services and business consulting, the national and international sales volumes of the CSB group of companies have been continuously growing. From its own financial strength.

At the end of 2015, the CSB group of companies employed about 600 people, generating a turnover of more than 77 million euros per year. With about 25 system partners, CSB is active with own local experts in many regions of the world. In total, our global organization supports customers in more than 50 countries. The CSB-System is available in over 30 languages. 

As a family-owned business, we retain our financial and technological independence, building on sustainable growth, quality leadership and customer orientation. 

CSB-System AG. The industry specialist.

CSB-System AG based in Geilenkirchen, Germany, is the leading industry IT specialist for the process industries of food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics as well as trade. As a one-stop source for software, hardware, services and business consulting, we have been the innovation partner for our customers for 40 years, creating significant competitive advantages.

A vertical and horizontal turnkey solution. Modular and scalable.

The business software programmed in Germany is the heart of our portfolio. The CSB-System is a turnkey solution that caters to all areas of the value chain in our target industries - vertically and horizontally; that is, from primary production to consumers, and from machine to controlling. All business processes can thus be fully replicated in the standard version. Given the modular structure of the turnkey solution, our customers can flexibly introduce new functionalities in the way they wish. Moreover, the CSB-System can be updated in a quick and safe manner, and technical innovations or legal requirements can be easily incorporated. The CSB-System can be used as complete ERP, MES or as FACTORY ERP.


Worldwide one-stop provider - software, hardware, services and business consulting

Around the world, we offer our customers any services they need for the efficient use of the industry-specific solution, from our own hand: 

  • Management & Planning Software: Company Performance Center, Business Intelligence, Quality Management, Certification Management, HR Management, Accounting and Finances, Document Management, Customer Relationship Management
  • Process Control Software: Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Inventory, Production, Coverage Planning, Sales, Traceability, Quality Assurance, Labeling, Electronic Data Interchange
  • Execution & Manufacturing Software: Production Planning and Control, MES, CSB linecontrol, CIM, Maintenance Management, Automated Data Capture, Mobile Data Capture
  • Automation Solutions: Control Station, Inventory Management System, Labeling & Identification, Picking, Machine and System Control
  • CSB-Vision industrial image processing: CSB-Grading Systems, CSB-Vision Robotics, CSB-Eyedentifier, CSB-Vision-Quality, Usage Optimization, CSB-Image Documentation
  • Hardware: CSB-Rack, CSB-I/O-Controller, CSB Hang & Move, CSB-Sorter, Server & IT Hardware, CSB Cloud Center
  • Consulting and Services: Business Process Consulting, Automation Consulting and Planning, Realization, 24/7 Support, Cloud Services
  • The approach of supplying software, hardware, services and business consulting from a single source results in a reduction of costs and complexity for our customers, for example in the case of acquisitions or international expansion of their businesses.


CSB provides best-practice standards

Our industry-specific IT solutions create important competitive advantages for our customers by optimizing their business processes.
The quality of our solutions is thus reflected in the success of our customers.


Upward compatible since 1985

Our software has always been programmed in Germany, by our own highly motivated team of highly qualified software developers. Early on, we have established the technical basis so that our CSB-System can be easily adapted and expanded. Therefore, our CSB-System has been upward compatible since 1985. Many of our customers were able to grow profitably with CSB as their innovation partner over the past decades.