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On-Demand-Webinar: Food Business Masterclass

Looking for a new ERP system? These are the essential criteria for the food industry

On the agenda of our Food Business Masterclass

In our webinar series “Food Business Masterclass”, our industry experts highlight key issues and important questions of the food industry and give you insights into practice.

One of the top issues for the successful digitization of your company is, and will be, the selection and implementation of the right ERP system. But how can you find a solution that exactly suits the needs of your business, and what should you focus on in the implementation of your project?

In our 40-minute on-demand webinar, our ERP experts Markus Witor and Jorn Ballas present practical examples to show you in detail which approach leading food companies chose for the selection and introduction of their ERP systems. They provide valuable advice on the essential capabilities of ERP software for the food industry, in terms of technology, functionality, and scope.

Watch the Webinar

This webinar is aimed at decision-makers from the food industry who would like to…

…assess whether their ERP brings the expected benefits

…get tips for a successful provider and software check

…learn from best-practice examples of leading food companies

Our experts

Jorn Ballas

Expert for the food & beverage industry, CSB-System

Jorn Ballas has been part of CSB’s team of experts since 2015. In this time, he has gained extensive experience in the planning and implementation of ERP projects. Born in the Netherlands, he is responsible for the regions of Benelux and Northern Europe, and he brings a wealth of expertise in the field of innovations for the food industry.

Markus Witor 

Markus Witor has joined CSB´s team in 2013 as an expert for the implementation of ERP projects. The food technologist and industry expert is living in Australia. Since 2016, Markus has been responsible for the market in Australia and New Zealand.

Attending this Food Business Masterclass will enable you to ...

  •  ...better evaluate the offers from ERP vendors for their systems
  •  ...find out which ERP software really suits the needs of your company
  •  ...make your ERP project a success