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On-Demand-Webinar: Food Business Masterclass

Looking for a new ERP system? These are the essential criteria for the food industry

On the agenda of our Food Business Masterclass

In our “Food Business Masterclass” webinar series, our industry experts highlight top issues and important questions of the food industry and offer valuable practical guidance. 

One of the top issues for the successful digitalization of your company is, and will be, the selection and implementation of the right ERP system. But how can you find a solution that exactly suits the needs of your business, and what should you focus on in the implementation of your project? 

In this 17-minute on-demand webinar, our ERP expert Josef Valentin Huber covers the essential aspects of ERP selection and implementation. He offers valuable tips on the key features of ERP software for the food industry regarding technology, functionality, and scope. 

Our on-demand webinar is addressed to decision-makers from the food industry aiming to...

…assess whether their ERP brings the expected benefits

…get tips on how to check up on providers and software

…learn more about best practices for the implementation

This is our ERP expert: 

Josef Valentin Huber

Industry Expert, CSB-System

Josef has been a member of the CSB expert team since 2019. A learned butcher and M.Eng., he is familiar with the companies’ process and business management requirements. He has been working as a project manager in the food sector and as a consultant in process optimization for many years. 

After attending this Food Business Masterclass, you will know how to

  • better assess the offers of ERP vendors and systems
  • find out which ERP software really suits the needs of your company
  • make your ERP project a success