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AI solution by CSB-System receives silver International FoodTec Award

Artificial intelligence aims to improve the processes in food processing. The possibilities of this technology are shown yet again by the CSB Jamboflash – a solution that was awarded the International FoodTec Award 2021.

High cost in quality assurance, faulty processes, poor use of raw materials – there are many adverse scenarios for food companies. Artificial intelligence can counteract these effects. One example for this is CSB Jamboflash, a new system for ham grading developed by the tech company CSB-System, which has now won the International FoodTec Award.

“With our AI approach, we develop solutions that go well beyond what has currently been implemented in the field. For this, we take full advantage of the technological possibilities – from ERP as the central nervous system to special algorithms and hardware, automation systems and robotic systems. We are currently working on the next level of digital transformation, and we develop basic solutions for various use cases in the value chain of the food industry,” says Vanessa Kröner, member of CSB's management board.

The topic of AI has gained momentum at CSB. In initial projects, companies can build the relevant expertise in artificial intelligence. The right application is essential. Ideally, artificial intelligence should solve a specific problem, with a clear economic benefit such as an increase in sales or margins. The benefit of CSB Jamboflash is its independent grading and assessment of raw ham meat. Besides AI, the system uses cutting-edge image processing technology for this. This combination enables the system to automatically determine the quality and establish the optimal further processing of the raw ham for a variety of finished products in downstream processes, for example premium ham and sausages. The execution of grading is based on the objective assessment of the destructuring degree in the raw ham. This brings huge economic benefits for the industry, as the consistent and precise measurement level reduces the error rates and the cost in quality assurance, and standardizes the product quality.

“What started out as a joint project between our company and the French IFIP institute will be a great benefit to many ham processors. We are very happy that once again, we are among the winners of the renowned International FoodTec Award,” says Dr. Peter Schimitzek, Chairman of the CSB Board. In 2018, CSB had won the silver award in this competition for its innovative logistics solution.

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The International FoodTec Award

DLG (German agricultural society) and its partners award the International FoodTec Award for groundbreaking developments in the field of food technology for their innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. A panel with international experts from the fields of research and education, as well as representatives from the food sector select the most advanced concepts. The award is presented every three years in the form of gold and silver medals. Read more at