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CSB Technologies for successful digitization

Digitize & Automate your Business

Digitize and automate your business - with the technologies by CSB

Improving your business, working more efficiently, responding more flexibly and increasing your margins - these are your goals. Today, digitization is the recipe for success for all business areas. A look at the world's most successful companies shows that significant improvements are primarily achieved through digital technologies and automation. Besides premium products, new technologies and well-prepared data are crucial to your market success.

Managing Director

Production Manager

Sales Manager

Ways for you as a managing director to manage your company better and to increase your margins.

  • Business processes – Cover all of your industry-specific business processes by the enterprise resource planning system, design your processes even more efficiently and control your business in an optimal manner
  • Data and information – The ERP system permanently provides all key data so they can be accessed by you and your staff as needed or as required by law
  • Finance and controlling – Measure the latest daily performance of all company areas as well as the gross margins of your products
  • Corporate control and optimization – Make the right decisions and trigger improvements to increase your margins


Find out more about the criteria an ERP system needs to meet so you can optimally control your business.

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Ways for you as a production manager to make your production flexible and efficient.

  • Production planning and control – Plan your production capacities in an optimal manner, increase the utilization of your line capacities and gain flexibility
  • Automation and intralogistics – Automate your material flows, optimize the buffers in your supply chain and manage the increasing complexity
  • Assured quality – Minimize the error rates and costs of the production chain through automated product recognition, grading and raw material assessment
  • Smart Factory – Network machines in an optimal, digital and future-proof manner


Find out more about the technologies you can profitably use right now for your smart production.

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Ways for you as a sales manager to manage your team in an optimal manner and to increase sales.

  • Sales channels – Digitize the sales processes with your business partners and customers using the web and integrate them in your ERP system
  • Lead management – Easily fill your sales pipeline and enhance the planning security of your future sales
  • CRM – Optimally orientate your company towards your customers and digitally manage the relationships with your prospects and customers
  • Sales controlling - Bring transparency into your customer base, gross margins and sales markets

Find out now how the CSB-System improves your business.


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Digitize & Automate your Business

The CSB-System is optimally geared to further digitization and to the future Industry 4.0 applications. It has all the features that are essential in a state-of-the-art ERP system.

  • One hundred percent industry-specific and seamlessly integrated
  • Forward-thinking and Industry 4.0 ready
  • Upward compatible and release-capable


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