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From hype to implementation

Study on the digitization in the food industry 2020

Digitization in the food industry

New competitors, new technologies, and new consumer demands: The food and beverage industry experiences a dynamic change in its market structures. Digitization offers an opportunity to master this transformation and, at the same time, to develop solutions for future challenges. Which technologies are used in the daily operations of food companies? Which digitization strategies do the companies pursue? For the third year now, we have surveyed more than 100 decision-makers from the global food industry on the state of digitization and received interesting results.

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Important insights for decision-makers in the food and beverage industry

In our 20-page study report, read about how far other enterprises in the food and beverage industry have progressed in digitization. Find out which technologies the surveyed decision-makers have used, and get invaluable motivation for your digitization strategy.


Download the 20-page study report