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On-Demand-Webinar: Food Business Masterclass Smart Factory

How to enhance agility and versatility in production

On the agenda of our Food Business Masterclass

In our webinar series “Food Business Masterclass”, our industry experts highlight key issues and important questions of the food industry and give you insights into practice.

Ultrafast processes, more variants, individualized products: digital factories outperform their conventional counterparts in many aspects. Exciting pilot projects are definitely worth looking into – to learn from and to build experience. This will help you to focus your own smart factory initiative.

In this 40-minute on-demand webinar, our experts Mathew Simpson and Markus Witor present solutions that have proven successful in the development of Smart Factories. They provide valuable tips on how to flexibilize production processes while ensuring maximum resource efficiency, and how to get closer to the Smart Factory with a phased approach.

Watch the webinar

Our on-demand webinar is aimed at managers from the food industry who want to…

... find out more about smart production processes

... get tips for the successful digitalization of their factory

... learn from the case studies of leading food enterprises

These are our experts:

Mathew Simpson

Industry Expert, CSB-System

Mathew Simpson is responsible for developing new business and managing the existing customers in the UK and Ireland. Together with a professional interest in food manufacturing processes, he has a complementary personal interest in cooking at home. When he gets time, he enjoys hill walking and mountain biking.

Markus Witor

Industry Expert, CSB-System

Markus Witor has been part of the CSB expert team for the implementation of ERP projects since 2013. The food technologist and industry expert is living in Australia. Since 2016, Markus is responsible for the market in Australia and New Zealand.

Attend this Food Business Master Class if you want to learn


  • how to enhance digitalization and automation in your factory processes
  • what to consider when planning your Smart Factory
  • how to make your Smart Factory initiative a success