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How to make your shop floor more efficient and sustainable

On the agenda of our Food Business Masterclass

In our webinar series “Food Business Masterclass”, our industry experts highlightkey issues and important questions of the food industry and provide insights into practice.

Those who operate with digitally controlled processes make manufacturing not only more environmentally friendly, but also faster. Valuable machine data is immediately available, production processes can be controlled in a targeted manner, unnecessary waste is avoided, and the energy consumption is reduced.

In our 25-minute on-demand webinar, our experts Josef Valentin Huber and David Novak will show you how leading food companies use digital technologies to make their shop floor more efficient and sustainable.

Our on-demand webinar is aimed at managers from the food industry who want to…

… find out more about sustainable production processes

… get tips on relevant strategies and tools

… learn from the best-practice examples of successful food businesses

These are our experts:

Josef Valentin Huber

Industry Expert, CSB-System

Josef has been a member of the CSB expert team since 2019.  A learned butcher and M.Eng., he is familiar with the process and business management requirements of the companies. For many years now, he has worked as a project manager in the food sector and as a consultant in the field of process optimization.

David Novak

Industry Expert, CSB-System

David joined the CSB Group in 2016. Here he takes on sales tasks for the countries of former Yugoslavia as well as project management activities in the food industry. In doing so, the CSB customers constantly optimize the processes in their companies.

Attend this Food Business Master Class if you want to learn:

  • why profitability and sustainability go hand in hand
  • what activities are reasonable for a resource efficient production
  • what shop floor technologies you can profitably use today