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Food Business Masterclass

Key success factors of B2B e-commerce

On the agenda of our Food Business Masterclass

In our “Food Business Masterclass” webinar series, our industry experts highlightkey issues and important questions of the food industry and provide insights into practice.

B2B e-commerce is developing at a fast pace. Those seeking to build a seamless customer journey now need to digitally link all touchpoints and stakeholders.

In our on-demand webinar, our experts Matthew Ransley and Sarah Bavaro explain the key success factors for B2B e-commerce and show you ways to use your web systems for direct value creation.

This on-demand webinar is addressed to decision-makers from the food industry aiming to ...

… successfully integrate their sales channels with e-business

… get tips on relevant strategies and tools

… draw on best practices.

These are our experts:

Sarah Bavaro

ERP Sales and Business Development Manager, CSB-System International Inc.

Sarah Bavaro has been part of the CSB team of experts since 2021. She has experience in the planning and implementation of ERP projects in the food industry. Born in Toronto, she is responsible for sales in the regions of Canada and Northeast USA. She enjoys working to ensure process optimization in the food industry.

Matthew Ransley

Director of Sales, CSB-System International Inc.

Matt Ransley has been part of the CSB team of experts since 2023. He has extensive experience in food distribution sales and manufacturing as well as the planning and implementation of ERP projects. Born in the UK but residing in USA. He is Sales Director for North America.

Attend this Food Business Masterclass if you want to learn

  • what activities are reasonable for a seamless customer journey
  • why the integrity of ERP and e-commerce is so important
  • how you can use your online shop also as an order and information management system