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CSB sets the course for the future

CSB-System will be a European Company

CSB-System is further expanding its business and has now set the strategic course for continued growth.

Growth and internationalization are the core of CSB’s current strategy. The tech company, previously a stock operation under German law (“Aktiengesellschaft”), now operates under the legal form of a Societas Europaea (SE) to underline its enhanced internationalization. The extended office space in Geilenkirchen provides room for further expansion. The new CSB Smart Factory demonstrates that the company has evolved from a pure ERP software provider into an innovation partner for the process industry, offering digitization and automation solutions.

The new CSB Smart Factory – experience digitization and automation first hand

At CSB’s site in Geilenkirchen, customers and prospects can experience the Smart Factory first-hand. The smart factory is all about the perfect harmonization of hardware and software systems. Cutting-edge technologies like industrial image processing, RFID, and artificial intelligence, controlled by CSB’s ERP system, are demonstrated here. According to Dr. Peter Schimitzek, company founder and Chairman of the Board, digitized food production is the key benefit for food companies: “The companies need to further digitize themselves. This is the only way for them to meet the increasing demands of consumers, trade, and lawmakers while continuing to be profitable In the CSB Smart Factory, we can demonstrate how the fat content of pig sides is determined automatically, how the quality of ham is tested, and how reusable packaging is identified, counted and captured automatically.”

CSB-System will be a European Company

How do you digitize your business, automate it, and control it with an ERP system in the best possible way? These are the questions that companies around the globe ask themselves. CSB has customers from the process industry in 50 countries. To create better conditions for its further internationalization, CSB changes its legal form into an SE (Societas Europaea), with retroactive effect to 1 January. As before, the members of the Board will be Dr. Peter Schimitzek and Vanessa Kröner. Besides the previous members of the supervisory board, Karl-Heinz Schimitzek (chairman), Dr. Florian Hotz (deputy chairman) and Dr. Roland Henzler, Pia Schimitzek-Emonts and Prof. Dr. Michael Trautwein have been appointed to the now 5-member supervisory board.

Horizontal and vertical product development

CSB is always aiming to adapt its products to the needs of the users and continuously expands its solution portfolio. In the new Version 6 of the ERP system, CSB has advanced the breadth and depth of many functions such as production planning or business intelligence. Besides improving the user experience, the focus is on promoting the use of the latest web technologies. Moreover, the software can be installed remotely.

The course has been set. Vanessa Kröner, member of the Board of CSB-System, says, “The digital transformation trend, propelled forward by the Covid-19 crisis, opens up new opportunities for CSB. Flexibility, automation, transparency – these topics are increasingly relevant for all companies. And this is precisely where the CSB-System as the central nervous system of the company proves its strengths.”

CSB-System is the leading ERP specialist for the process industry

The CSB group of companies with its industry-specific ERP software is a leader in the process industry. Providing software, hardware, services, and business consulting from a single source, CSB is the innovation partner for businesses in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and retail industries.

For 40 years, the family business has relied on financial and technological independence, sustained growth, quality leadership, and customer orientation. At the end of 2019, the CSB group had 600 employees, generating an annual sales volume of approx. 82 million euros. With its 25 CSB-System Partners, the group is active with local experts in many regions around the world. Overall, CSB supports customers in more than 50 countries.

The business software programmed in Germany is available in more than 30 languages, and it is the core of the portfolio. The CSB-System is a comprehensive ERP solution representing all areas of the value chain - vertically and horizontally, from primary production to consumers, and from machine to controlling.