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CSB FACTORY ERP is Factory Software of the Year 2020

CSB FACTORY ERP is Factory Software of the Year 2020! In the exciting finals of the digital factory software conference “Fachkongress Fabriksoftware”, CSB-System SE won the coveted prize in the category “Digital Factory”.

On 23 November, the industry-specific ERP system for the management of production facilities received its second award as “Factory Software of the Year”. While the expert panel of the Industry 4.0 Center of the Chair of Business Informatics at the University of Potsdam had chosen the industry software as the best system in the category “Turnkey Solutions” in 2018, the jury now recognizes CSB FACTORY ERP as an excellent solution that enables the successful implementation of the digital factory.

The jury particularly emphasized the specific customer benefits, the horizontal and vertical traceability concept, the brownfield approach with an own service bus, as well as the all-around customer communication via many different channels.

CSB FACTORY ERP, usually complementing a Group ERP, ensures the optimal operational management of production facilities. As the core of the digital factory, CSB FACTORY ERP coherently represents the entire primary value creation of production and logistics in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Standard interfaces between Group ERP and FACTORY ERP guarantee a stable, flexible, and integrated system landscape.

With its award-winning factory software, CSB has closed the gap between Group ERP and MES. CSB FACTORY ERP not only supports the classic processes of the digital factory, such as cost and recipe management, sales and production planning, or traceability. The industry solution also organizes the flow of information between sites involved in the process, employees, machines, suppliers, and customers. On the one hand, CSB FACTORY sets the pace for optimum process control within the factory. On the other hand, it ensures the vertical and horizontal integration of the systems involved, and it controls the interfaces to upstream and downstream supply chain partners and other factories of the company.

With specialized hardware such as CSB Racks, CSB Vision (for industrial image processing), CSB Sorters and automation solutions, CSB harmonizes the flow of goods and data and thus facilitates the digital transformation of the entire factory. Algorithms for recipe, production, and route optimization enable the companies to profitably use the data acquired.

“We are very pleased to receive this award once again. It shows us that we are successfully moving our customers forward in their digital transformation journey, and that we provide them with tried-and-true solutions they can use today for expanding their smart factories,” says CSB’s head of marketing, Frank Braun. “In particular, we would like to thank the forerunners, innovators, and change makers of our business users, as well as our consultants and developers, for the experience they have brought to this excellent software.”