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On the agenda of our Meat Business Talk

In our “Meat Business Talk” webinar series, decision-makers from the meat industry speak with us about the digital transformation of their companies.

For Odhran McCloskey and the New Zealand pork processor and wholesaler Freshpork, the path led from dispersed data silos to one integrated ERP system that has substantially supported the growth of the company over the last four years.

In the talk with our industry experts, Odhran will tell us how he and his team succeeded in digitizing and optimizing Freshpork. He will also speak about the challenges Freshpork encountered on their journey towards a digitized pork processing company, and share his key insights for a successful strategy.

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Your speakers

Odhran McCloskey

IT Manager, Freshpork New Zealand

Odhran McCloskey has more than 30 years' of experience as an IT expert in major companies and in the government environment. Born in Ireland, he migrated to New Zealand in 2003. He has been IT Manager at Freshpork for eight years, and working with the CSB-System for four years.

Markus Witor

Industry Expert, CSB-System

Markus Witor has been part of the CSB expert team for the implementation of ERP projects since 2013. The food technologist and industry expert is living in Australia. Since 2016, Markus is responsible for the market in Australia and New Zealand.

Take-away for your business

Eliminating isolated applications: Why integration is essential for data transparency

Learnings from the ERP implementation: Theory vs. practice

Information at the right point: How ERP helps with decision-making