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CSB Jamboflash: Artificial intelligence to inspect raw ham quality

On the agenda of our webinar

Assured quality, higher prices, and lower return rates: CSB Jamboflash helps ham manufacturers and meatpackers to grade pork ham completely automatically with regard to quality and further processing. Image processing based on artificial intelligence is an integral part of this future-oriented technology.

In our 15-minute on-demand webinar, our experts introduce CSB Jamboflash and present the highlights.

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Our experts

Philipp Beumers

Project Expert for Industrial Image Processing, CSB-System

Philipp Beumers has been in charge of planning and implementing projects in the field of industrial image processing technologies for several years. He has supported the development and optimization of new and existing solutions of the CSB Vision product line.

Marco Esquinazi

IT Expert for Industrial Image Processing, CSB-System

Since 2016, Marco Esquinazi from the CSB Vision team has participated in the development of intelligent image processing technologies, specializing in automation and quality control.

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Intelligent image processing technology

Automatic PSE assessment of raw ham meat

Winner of the International FoodTec Award 2021