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CSB-System wins the “ERP System of the Year” award once again

The industry-specific software of CSB-System SE has received the “ERP System of the Year 2019” award. On October 17, the renowned prize was awarded in Frankfurt.

For the second time, the industry-specific software by CSB-System has been awarded the “ERP System of the Year” prize in the category “Food”. The independent expert committee of the “Center for Enterprise Research” (CER) commended the system for its concrete customer benefits and its industry suitability due to its specific functions, as well as the introduction methods for the software.

“Especially in an industry as demanding as the food sector, the software must be a perfect match. Recent events have affirmed the importance of functions like traceability and quality management,” said the chairman of the jury, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Gronau.

CSB’s all-inclusive solution portrays all areas of the value chain in food and beverage enterprises – vertically and horizontally, from primary production to consumers, and from machine to controlling. The standard version entirely covers all business processes. Given the modular structure, the companies can flexibly introduce new functionalities in the way they wish.

Robin Gremlich, head of Consulting, sees the award as a recognition of the strong industry orientation of the software. “We are very pleased to receive the award once again. It stands for our global core competence in the digitization of factory and management processes in collaboration with our customers. Ultimately, this is always about getting more efficient and reducing the costs in the enterprises. One of the key success factors on this path is our team of consultants, as they know the situation in the food and beverage industry very well.”

Frank Braun, head of Marketing, adds: “The award also shows that we offer our customers essential integration solutions, and that we have established them in a successful market position. For example, we currently see a heightened interest in online shops and online ordering systems that communicate seamlessly with our ERP system.”

The competition

The “ERP System of the Year” prize has been awarded for more than ten years now. The objective of the competition is a neutral analysis and assessment of non-functional criteria of ERP systems in order to create more transparency and establish a better decision-making basis for corporate users. The participating ERP systems are analyzed and assessed by criteria of introduction methodology, customer communication/distribution marketing, research and development and concrete customer benefits, suitability to the sector, ergonomics as well as technology and scope of the integration. The jury chaired by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Gronau of Potsdam University consists of representatives from the field of science, neutral consultants as we well as media representatives.