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Forward21 Digitization Conference

Competitive advantage with the right digitization

The topics of Forward21

Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory

Digital growth & new business models

Smart management & digital operations

The digital business model of OTTO GOURMET

The speakers at Forward21

At Forward21, expect exciting presentations & keynotes that provide insights into the world of digitization. Our digitization experts present the latest digitization trends and developments as well as best practices from leading companies in the food and beverage industry.

Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck

Author, mathematician, philosopher, former IBM Chief Technologist

Gunter Dueck, born 1951, studied mathematics and business administration. After he obtained his doctorate in mathematics in 1977, he was appointed to a professorship in mathematics at the University of Bielefeld in 1981. Until August 2011, Gunter Dueck was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of IBM Germany. He is a member of the American engineers association IEEE, of the German Informatics Society as well as a Corresponding Member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Wolfgang Otto

Founder & Managing Director of OTTO GOURMET

Wolfgang Otto is the “face” of OTTO GOURMET. He graduated in business administration, and is now one of the leading meat experts in Germany. He is also a speaker of the "Jeunes Restaurateurs" academy, author, and TV expert. In 2008, he was the German representative at the European Meat Forum in Ireland. His passion for meat and his extremely high demands on product quality are the reasons why he continually searches for the best products - around the world. Whether Wagyu Kobe Style Beef - the most expensive beef in the world - from the US, pork from Spanish Pata Negra pigs with its distinctive natural and nutty taste, or the perfect Bresse chicken from Mieral in France: only the best is good enough, as “good food always begins with a good product”.

Other speakers at Forward21

Alexander Maier

International Automation Project Management, CSB-System

Armin Burbach

Head of Business Unit Automation, CSB-System

Jorn Ballas

ERP Expert for the Food and Beverage Industry, CSB-System

Dr. Oliver Marz

Head of Business Development, CSB-System

Robin Gremlich

Head of Business Unit Projects, Consulting and Services, CSB-System

Thomas Kemmer

Food Industry & ERP Expert, CSB-System

Behind the scenes of an e-food pioneer

In 2005, the Otto brothers built Germany’s first online store for exclusive meat products like Wagyu. Today, their company OTTO GOURMET is the market leader in the premium segment. With great enthusiasm, the company’s 120 employees support around 1,000 chefs from top restaurants and in excess of 65,000 private customers. Besides the revolutionary business idea, digitization was one of the key factors to set the course of the former startup. Have a virtual look over the shoulder of managing director Wolfgang Otto and get exclusive insights into the success factors of a web shop pioneer. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to share ideas on digitization possibilities with Wolfgang Otto, and to ask questions.

The agenda of Forward21

The driving forces of digitization

Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck, author, mathematician, philosopher, former IBM Chief Technologist

Smart towards the Smart Factory - How you should automate and digitize production.

Armin Burbach, Head of Business Unit Automation, CSB-System;
Alexander Maier, Int. Automation Project Management, CSB-System;
Jorn Ballas, ERP Expert for the Food and Beverage Industry, CSB-System

Smart Management – How to manage your business efficiently and effectively.

Robin Gremlich, Head of Business Unit Projects, Consulting and Services, CSB-System

Digital Growth – how leading food manufacturers utilize digitization for higher growth.

Dr. Oliver Marz, Head of Business Development, CSB-System;
Thomas Kemmer, Food Industry & ERP Expert, CSB-System

Behind the scenes of an e-food pioneer

Wolfgang Otto, Founder and Managing Director of OTTO GOURMET

Cooking class with OTTO GOURMET

Wolfgang Otto and the OTTO GOURMET kitchen team


Cooking class with OTTO GOURMET

Following our motto “#forwardtogether”, we are trying out something new together with OTTO GOURMET: our virtual conference will be concluded with an online cooking class featuring Wolfgang Otto and the OTTO GOURMET kitchen team. We want to turn this virtual experience into a real one by providing you the list of ingredients to cook the three-course menu at home.

We will show you digitization very specifically - and the people behind it.

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Forward21: Virtual insights into the digitization in the food and beverage industry

Today, it is no longer a question whether companies digitize themselves, but with the ideal approach. The food and beverage industry has special challenges. At Forward21, digitization experts will present successful examples from the industry. Besides presentations and keynotes on innovative digitization topics and intelligent strategies for the future, you can expect exclusive insights into how digitization was implemented at OTTO GOURMET.

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