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ERP provides optimization opportunities in challenging times 

Geilenkirchen, February 05, 2022 – At the IFFA trade show in Frankfurt on May 14 - 19, 2022, the industry ERP specialist CSB-System is presenting a multitude of technology solutions to optimize business processes – which is becoming all the more important in the face of growing challenges. Meet the experts at booth C30 in hall 11.1.
With its Meat Management Matrix, CSB visualizes the opportunities of introducing an ERP system that is tailor-made for the meat industry, making it easy to reconcile the specific requirements of a business with the multifaceted capabilities of a comprehensive solution. 
The meat business is not easy: meat manufacturers need to hold their ground in an increasingly global competition. The supply chains are becoming more complex, and retailers place further requirements on supply capability and quality. Increasing material prices add to the pressure on profit margins. The businesses in this industry need to open up new sales channels while ensuring compliance with stringent legal requirements. At the same time, they need to advance the digitalization in their factories. When you’re dealing with system optimization in the meat industry, you are faced with divergent requirements and varying starting conditions. 

Entry points to the Smart Meat Factory

  • It’s all about data: legal regulations and consumers demand traceability back to the producers, a trend that poses a big challenge on many businesses. Transparency and accurate decisions are based on data and the ability to create fast evaluations. Functions like smart production scheduling, reporting on defined KPIs, information from finance and controlling, or the optimization of inventory management are therefore at the top of the list of most companies. 
  • The supply chain is the crux of the matter: rising costs in the supply chain and the volatile export market force businesses to respond fast, plan accurately, use resources efficiently, and reduce losses in their supply chains. They need to be able to adapt their product range to the wishes of the consumers, such as regional and natural products, while enhancing the vertical integration in the areas of convenience foods and snack products. If you want to come out a winner, you need to continually optimize your value chain. This will not be possible without investments. Such investments do pay off if they are tailored to the needs of a meat-processing business. 
  • Automation is the key: if you aim to automate production, you should primarily focus on the integration of ERP, MES, and CIM. Predictive maintenance and robotics will further enhance your processes. The smart design of your operations opens up new optimization opportunities for your business. This step is all the more important as the industry feels the pressure from increasing costs, regulations, changing consumer behavior and fierce competition. 
  • New equipment enabling M2M communication, OEE reporting, and the integration of online stores is the prerequisite for an integrated information and materials flow. By harmonizing the data all the way from the slaughter process to the consumers, you can make your business more resilient and more competitive, and initiate further growth. 

IFFA shows ERP from all perspectives 

These different wishes and perspectives will change the way businesses embark on the digitalization of their operations. If you seek to keep a firm grip on your entire value chain  and to future-proof your business, introducing a comprehensive system with specific functionality for the meat industry will be vitally important in the medium term. At IFFA 2022, CSB-System is presenting possible system configurations and special features available for the different areas in the meat industry, illustrated by the Meat Management Matrix. The solutions for the meat industry are available as BASIC ERP for small businesses, as FACTORY ERP for single production facilities, or as comprehensive INDUSTRY ERP for an entire group. 

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