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HUG AG - Digitally enhanced value creation at the bakery

HUG AG, a traditional bakery business based in Switzerland, has long been one of the leading companies in the country’s bakery products sector, the enablers of its success being innovation,…


Sopraco Group - We bring it all together

We Bring it All Together’ is the strapline for the Sopraco Group – and the company’s integrated tailored meat operation uses IT software from CSB-System to help manage its processes…


Bell Food Group - People first, technology second

The Swiss Bell Food Group is in the middle of its digital transformation. According to CIO Sven Friedli, the most important pillars are a reliable IT partner, and the right technologies to…


Privatmolkerei Bechtel - Big time gains in production planning

Over the last few years, dairy company Privatmolkerei Bechtel has digitized and automated many of its internal goods flows. Plus, they have substantially improved their planning processes…


Woerle - How Woerle promotes its digitization

Here to stay – this is the motto of Austrian cheese manufacturer Woerle, and their information technology backs up this aim. Woerle promotes digitization, and the automatic high-bay storage…


How beckers bester has digitized its juice production

Digitizing a medium-size production facility is not a sprint, it’s an endurance race. Juice manufacturer beckers bester has gone quite a distance, and now the company is taking the next…


Linauer - Digital information flow from purchasing to customers

Experience from the pandemic has shown us that investments in digitization do pay off – as illustrated by Linauer Backstube, who have optimized a large part of their processes with the ERP…


Digital forethinkers’ road to success

How do the top companies in the process industry optimize and digitize their business? What are the challenges of the digital transformation? Read more about it in eight exciting stories.


Study on the digitization in times of Corona

The Corona pandemic has changed everything. But did it have a big impact on digitization in food companies?



ERP Software Demo

Take a close look at our ERP system. Watch our demo video of the most important functions, such as production planning, cutting, traceability, and our web apps.


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