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Woerle - How Woerle promotes its digitization

Here to stay – this is the motto of Austrian cheese manufacturer Woerle, and their information technology backs up this aim. Woerle promotes digitization, and the automatic high-bay storage…


Linauer - Digital information flow from purchasing to customers

Experience from the pandemic has shown us that investments in digitization do pay off – as illustrated by Linauer Backstube, who have optimized a large part of their processes with the ERP…


CSB VISION Industrial Image Processing: Your factory can learn to see

With the CSB VISION product line, you will have your success-critical processes completely under control. CSB VISION was developed to optimize the use of raw materials.


Where the beverage industry still has optimization potential

The food industry is under pressure. In particular, the high raw material prices further reduce the margins, which in many places are already quite low. This was the result of a recent CSB…


2027 - A Look Back at the Future of Innovation

Friday, 2 July 2027 - Vanessa Kröner thinks back over past few years - years during which the company had changed more drastically than ever before. But what exactly had changed, and why?


Digital forethinkers’ road to success

How do the top companies in the process industry optimize and digitize their business? What are the challenges of the digital transformation? Read more about it in eight exciting stories.


CSB study for the food and beverage industry 2017

The challenges for companies in the food and beverage industry are manifold. But what are the most important?


Digitization in the food and beverage industry

Decision-makers in the international food and beverage industry about status, challenges and outlook of digitization


Study on the digitization in the food industry 2020

Decision-makers from the international food and beverage industry on the status, challenges and prospects of digitization.



ERP Software Demo

Take a close look at our ERP system. Watch our demo video of the most important functions, such as production planning, cutting, traceability, and our web apps.


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