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CSB’s industry solution for animal feed

CSB stands for tried and true expertise in the animal feed sector. Thus, we are aware of the fact that there are major differences within this industry. We are a one-stop provider for…


Study on the digitization in the food industry 2020

Decision-makers from the international food and beverage industry on the status, challenges and prospects of digitization.


Six ingredients for the digital transformation

Looking at the smart factory, this whitepaper does not answer the question of what is conceivable, but rather: What can be used today? The following six “ingredients”, which have proven…


Correct marking and labelling

Faulty labels are one of the most frequent causes of product recalls. Sometimes the designation is incorrect, sometimes the correct best-before date is not indicated or the wrong quality…


9 criteria for successful Food ERP selection

Guaranteed freshness, food safety, traceability, compliance - These are topics that are becoming increasingly important for the food industry. Remaining competitive and, in the best case,…


2027 - A Look Back at the Future of Innovation

Friday, 2 July 2027 - Vanessa Kröner thinks back over past few years - years during which the company had changed more drastically than ever before. But what exactly had changed, and why?


How your company can become a high-flyer

The poultry industry has excellent future prospects – but also faces major challenges. How poultry processors can become more successful with digital technologies. Including case studies of…


Seven success factors for new-build projects in the meat industry

The Smart Meat Factory is coming. Recent new builds have shown the dimension of the change and by how much meat facilities are improved through digitization. If you are building a new or…


Digitization in the food and beverage industry

Decision-makers in the international food and beverage industry about status, challenges and outlook of digitization



ERP Software Demo

Take a close look at our ERP system. Watch our demo video of the most important functions, such as production planning, cutting, traceability, and our web apps.


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