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Staropolska - On the road to the digital pastry shop

How can you turn a small artisanal pastry business into a medium-size industrial enterprise? The Polish company Staropolska found an answer to this question – by taking major steps towards…


ProMessa - Meat producer doubles its output

In the meat industry, automated intralogistics become increasingly important. With an extensive automation project, Harold Rouweler, CEO of meat processing company ProMessa, provided his…


Pivka - Poultry specialist on course for digitization

Low prices, permanent supply capability and maximum freshness: food retailers and consumers make many demands on poultry suppliers. Janez Rebec has consistently prepared the Slovenian…


Dr. Babor - Rejuvenated ERP system for the cosmetics specialist

The medium-size cosmetics manufacturer Dr. Babor is a pioneer in the field of digitization. At Babor, the smart factory is no longer a vision, it's the reality. CEO Christoph Robertz and his…


CSB’s solution for dairy products

CSB stands for tried and true expertise in the dairy products sector. Thus, we are aware of the fact that there are major differences within this industry. We are a one-stop provider for…


The new industry ERP by CSB-System

With the latest generation of the CSB-System, we have integrated our full range of industry expertise in our ERP system. It gives you access to more than 40 years’ experience in the food &…


CSB-Quality Management and Laboratory Information System

Permanent control with company-wide quality management is essential for safe high-quality products. The CSB-Quality Management and Laboratory Information System offers you the ideal solution…


Identification, labeling and tracing with the CSB-System

Varying data, fast production lines, diversity of packaging types and product variants, legal requirements on traceability and product declarations: Managing labeling and identification…


Smarten Up Your Factory: CSB Technologies for Better Food Production

In the food industry, the focus of production planning and control is on unit diversity, freshness and throughput speed. Mastering bottlenecks, availability and value of resources is vital.



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Take a close look at our ERP system. Watch our demo video of the most important functions, such as production planning, cutting, traceability, and our web apps.


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