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Process Business Insights 10/2017

Where the beverage industry still has optimization potential

The food industry is under pressure. In particular, the high raw material prices further reduce the margins, which in many places are already quite low. This was the result of a recent CSB survey among 120 decision makers in the international food industry.

Where the beverage industry still has optimization potential

In the view of increasing costs, manufacturers are looking for new ways to cut costs. There are plenty of promising approaches. And the best thing is that with established digital solutions, you can unleash even more optimization potential.

“Digitization is not an end in itself”

Buzzwords like Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory are ever-present, regardless of industry and business size. CSB’s CEO Dr. Peter Schimitzek explains in the interview what is meant by process optimization, where digitization stands today in the food and beverage industry, and why data analyses à la Big Data will be increasingly important in future.