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The food and beverage industry is facing multifaceted challenges. Which ones are the most import? In 2017, CSB-System as the industry specialist for the Food and Beverage industry established for the first time a comprehensive analysis of the current state and the future of this industry. Apart from key strategies and trends in this industry, this year we were particularly interested in the effects of IT and the status of the “digital transformation”. This is what we consider the most significant findings:

Prospects are good

Generally, the decision-makers in the Food & Beverage industry are optimistic about the future as they expect the economic situation of their business to pick up further.

Quality is increasingly important

The significance of food value is increasing. In addition to the mass market, high-price segments are gaining importance. The fusion of cutting-edge technologies and traditional crafts produces a new quality of foodstuffs that are elaborately manufactured, prepared and consumed. At least, this is what the responding decision-makers consider a likely scenario.

IT makes a valuable contribution

Also digitization is getting more and more important. Its key contribution is in managing the complexity, controlling the operations and improving the responsiveness. However, in many cases there is not enough budget.