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Project Manager

Woodstock, GA Zatrudnienie na umowę o pracę

CSB System International Inc. seeks Project Manager in Woodstock, GA to plan projects requiring custom ERP software for clients.


Position Duties:

Plans and implements projects requiring customization of CSB ERP software for clients. He supervises and coordinates the work of the CSB ERP Software Specialists on each client project. He plans and initiates projects in coordination with CSB clients and project staff to maximize efficiency, monitor performance, and ensure optimal configurations of CSB ERP software in relation to clients’ business needs. Meet with clients to define CSB ERP software project outcomes that will meet their business requirements. For each software project, conduct customer workshop to define project requirements including cost, timeframe, and quality. Define project scope and feature list, authorization project initiation, and define responsibilities of the team of Software Specialists. Drive each software project according to Waterfall and Agile methodology. Evaluate and determine appropriate staffing levels for each software project. Directly oversee and manage CSB ERP Software Specialists on each project. Supervise and direct the configuration and implementation of CSB-System ERP solutions for each client project. Conduct regular project meetings including the stakeholders for each project, i.e., the project team, customers, and business partners, and facilitate communication and ensure availability of information. Address any problems that arise in the course of project execution, ensuring timely and cost-effective resolution, delegating responsibilities to junior project personnel as appropriate. Lead project activities and report on status to ensure each project is completed on time, within budget, and meets client needs. Define and manage the delivery plan for each project, including identification deliverables, goals, and milestones. In communication with clients, track and manage the development and deployment of CSB ERP software customizations at US facilities. Account for costs and benefits of implementations including after care and follow-up. Determine Key Business Metrics and Performance Indicators for each software project. Maintain and update training resources for setup, configuration and troubleshooting of CSB ERP software applications. Coordinate with other departments such as sales, administration and other companies in the CSB Group of Companies to ensure a cross-flow of necessary information. Delegate and manage ongoing support for clients after project completion. Oversee and maintain Customer Relationships. Assist with compiling business cases relating to the implementation of CSB-System ERP solutions to ensure growth in organizational knowledge and memory.



Bachelor’s degree in any business-related field or supply-chain management. 3 years of experience as a Project Manager or any role related to ERP software operations or ERP software project management in the food, food technology, or chemical industry. Experience with ERP project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices. Strong interpersonal skills and experience communicating technical information to nontechnical clients and personnel. Completion of at least five complex ERP software projects in accord with intended scope, budget, and timeframe. Experience serving as team leader for direct client communication. Experience reporting directly to the executive team of an organization, and to the end-users of an organization’s product or service. Extensive knowledge of business processes, ERP development tools. Experience writing programs and scripts in Python to design user-friendly interfaces and optimized functionalities. Experience with advanced usage of MS Project tools to assist in developing a schedule, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads. Experience with BI and Reporting tools. Experience using business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Microsoft BI Power and data processing frameworks. Experience with EDI(electronic data interchange) communications (FTP, SFTP), development and support of EDI transactions 810, 850, 855, 856, 940, 943. Experience with data file types (XML, CSV, EDI, Flat Files, etc.) and mappings.


Apply by mailing your resume to:

ATTN: Heike Pilz, CFO, PO Box 2557 Alpine, CA 91903