Production – Ensure profitable production

Optimally plan costs and capacities and make intelligent use of raw materials and resources. The CSB Production solution helps you ensure profitable production.

Production in the CSB-System

From planning and calculation up to recipes with minimal costs and statement: The CSB-System enables you to develop efficient and profitable production processes. The system quickly and transparently prepares bills of materials and production procedures and assures optimal yield from all cutting and joint production processes. Detailed production evaluations quickly and reliably identify weak points and assure utilization of optimization potentials. Comprehensive planning modules enable you to display your production planning and control in clearly structured overviews while taking into consideration all relevant information from the ERP areas Procurement, Inventory and Sales. The integrated MES provides a holistic view at your production processes and enables you to reliably control them.

Your advantages as a customer – Benefits of Production

  • Optimal use of staff, machines and material minimizes costs
  • Multiple planning horizons such as short-, medium- and long-term production planning maximize your readiness for delivery
  • Recipe optimization facilitates quick response times in the case of component shortages and ensures cost-efficient raw material utilization and standardized product quality
  • Automatic calculation of nutritional values and ingredient declarations eliminates the need for additional personnel
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