Choosing the appropriate picking process

Ensure maximum efficiency when processing your customer orders: With CSB-System picking solutions you optimize your time and cost-intensive processes and, at the same, reduce error rates. Depending on item spectrum, order structure, spatial conditions, etc., our experts will help you choose the appropriate picking process for your specific application. Our offer ranges from partially to fully automated solutions with sorters or robots, which even take over the picking process.

These are your benefits as a customer - Advantages of Picking

  • Integration of B2C shops enables direct sales via internet
  • B2B shops and replenishment solutions enhance customer retention
  • Integration of all sales channels in one ERP system increases profitability
  • Integration of subsidiaries and C&C markets extends the sales network


Pick by scan is a commonly used picking procedure. Here, the order data from the ERP system are transmitted to mobile data capture devices with scan function. The employees scan the items to be picked...


When using pick by light, flashing lights indicate where the employees can find the items to be picked in the warehouse or at the picking station. Via an acknowledgement key directly at the tray or by...


This method is especially interesting for companies with many subsidiaries, for example bakery companies. Here, the orders received in the CSB-System are transferred to displays in the picking section...


With pick by voice, picking is voice controlled and thus very user-friendly. The order data from the CSB -System are converted into speech, and the respective orders are electronically transmitted to ...

Sorter picking

Here, picking uses ultramodern sorting systems such as from CSB-Automation AG. Perfectly tuned to the software, the system achieves a very high level of automation. Depending on the requirements, eith...

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