Hazardous Materials Management - Safely manage hazardous materials

In the international transport of hazardous materials, shipping documents are compulsory for the information of carriers, drivers, possible supervisory authorities and rescue units in the case of an accident. CSB-Hazardous Materials Management helps you ship your hazardous goods in a safe manner.

Hazardous Materials Management in the CSB-System

CSB’s Hazardous Materials Management efficiently and transparently manages any goods-related hazard information. Combined with details from your recipes, the data are applied for classifying and labeling your products in accordance with the latest statutory regulations and supplied to all areas of the CSB-System. In line with customer specifications, the required details about hazardous materials are included on way bills, delivery notes, route plans and labels.

These are your benefits as a customer - Advantages of Hazardous Materials Management

  • Transparent and efficient classification and labeling of your products ensure safety
  • Automatic classification proposals for your products in line with applicable laws reduce processing expenses
  • Creation of IMO and IATA declarations directly in the CSB-System accelerates the organization of hazardous goods transportation
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