Manufacturing Execution System – Control production processes in real time

All-encompassing views and reliable control of production processes require real-time data from your manufacturing work flows. The Manufacturing Execution System by CSB closes the information gap between your production layer and your PPC system.

Manufacturing Execution System in the CSB-System

It initiates, replies to and reports about all activities just in the way they occur in production. This ensures fast responses to unexpected events, reduces activities without added value and secures optimal process flows. The production planning and control system directly transfers information from the manufacturing process as for instance machine capacities, inventory stocks and cycle times to your ERP system. The up-to-date MES information facilitates overall optimization of your production processes - from order creation to the finished product. Moreover, MES helps you meet any requires for reliable batch tracing. As it is possible to call up quality-related process data as for instance cycle data, machine times etc. and the related evaluations at any time, additional sub-systems are not needed.

These are your benefits as a customer - Advantages of the Manufacturing Execution System

  • Optimization of order processing and manufacturing processes secures competitive advantages
  • Real-time control of manufacturing ensures process reliability
  • Paperless production planning and automatic monitoring of KPI increase process efficiency and reduce costs

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