Realization - Safe and efficient from concept to live operation

A software is only as good as its implementation. The introduction of the CSB-System at your company is accomplished with steered and structured project phases. Based on the experience from numerous projects in your industry, we are aware of many challenges and have a wide range of best practices at our fingertips. With flexible and goal-oriented sprints within the project phases, we can quickly respond to changes in the project environment.


From start to finish, we efficiently and reliably control the project realization for you. Our consultants are located around the world and realize your projects regionally with international expertise. Based on your corporate goals, we define together the project goals which are applied for continuously measuring the success of the project. With the CSB project methodology, we can implement even challenging projects in a very short time and securely replace stand-alone solutions and legacy systems.

These are your benefits as a customer - Realization

  • You can rely on the CSB-System being configured by industry experts so it is optimally adapted to your needs
  • You can expand faster at lower costs, because the CSB-System has been designed for international use and our experts support you with the realization on-site anywhere around the world
  • You have security and transparency for every project phase with regard to timing, budget, realization and further development
  • You can flexibly expand your business on an international scale later on because this is optimally supported by the CSB-System, and because the CSB team knows the local conditions and competently assists you in the execution of international projects
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