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Our key task is to advance you and your business. With our experiences from consulting at numerous enterprises in the food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries since 1977, we have gained an extensive knowledge so we can provide best practices and innovative solutions. We speak the language of our customers and communicate with them on a peer level. Our consultants have a sound knowledge of their industries and markets based on practical experience - in many parts of the world.

Business process consulting

Together with you, our CSB experts analyze the processes at your company and assess their optimization potential. We use the results of this performance and optimization analysis to develop a customized solution concept in line with your strategic corporate targets. Increasing the efficiency of your business and utilizing the full optimization potential are the leading aspects. Our solution proposals comprise a concrete implementation plan with regard to functionality and process set-up. This is the approach we use for optimization programs as well as for greenfield projects.

These are your benefits as a customer - Business process consulting

  • With CSB, you simply realize projects faster and more cost-efficiently because you do not have to explain the requirements of your industry to our consultants
  • You get valuable impetus directly from your CSB-consultant who knows customers, products and processes of your industry
  • You reduce costs and complexity with one global partner who works according to standardized methods and procedures all over the world and who provides the same high-quality services worldwide
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