Industrial image processing - Boost efficiency and profitability for your production chain

Optimize the use of raw materials, enhance the quality of your products and maximize your profits with the innovative industrial image processing technologies by CSB.

Industrial image processing in the CSB-System

With the CSB-Vision product line, you have full control of all crucial processes and thus increase efficiency and profitability throughout your production chain. CSB-Vision supports your enterprise in analyzing raw materials and products with regard to their quality and optimal use while reducing costs and the number of errors through unchanging measurement levels: in a fully automated manner, without the need for human intervention. At the IFFA 2016, CSB-Vision won the Fleischerei Technik Award for the best innovation in the “Automation” category.

These are your benefits as a customer - Advantages of industrial image processing

  • Fully automated grading processes increase process efficiency and reduce personnel costs
  • Optimal yields increase the added value
  • Fully automatic identification, sorting and routing of items ensure process reliability
  • Complete automation of quality control realizes precise measurement results and reduces error rates
  • Automatic discharge in case of quality deviations assures product quality

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