Control system – Advance the performance of production and packaging lines

State-of-the-art control system help you reduce cycle and lead times, assure constant quality, increase productivity and consequently reduce costs. CSB provides the ideal solution for optimizing your production and packaging processes.

Control system in the CSB-System

CSB linecontrol® provides all data on the current capacity utilization and performance of the individual machines in real time – directly at the line, but also on the screen of production management. Bottlenecks and malfunctions in your production and packaging lines are immediately visualized. This ensures exact allocation to the different machines, allowing for quick and systematic troubleshooting. Unplanned system shutdowns and downtimes are reduced, keeping the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) on a constantly high level.

These are your benefits as a customer - Control system

  • Real-time monitoring of production lines enables quick response times and minimizes the production of rejects
  • Transformation of data into useful management information transparently visualizes the current productivity of the factory
  • Efficient coordination and control of individual components secure the optimal flow of all processes of fully automated manufacturing lines

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