In 40 years to a global industry IT specialist

10.07.2017 | author: Timo Schaffrath

CSB-System AG based in Geilenkirchen near the city of Aachen celebrated its 40th anniversary. Starting out as a small team of consultants for the meat industry, CSB has developed into a globally active IT enterprise for the entire process industry, offering software, hardware, services and business consulting all around the world. Today the CSB Group employs more than 600 members of staff and generates an annual sales volume of 77 million euros. 

In 1977, Dr. Peter Schimitzek was the right man at the right place. After having completed his training as a master butcher, Dr. Schimitzek went on to pursue a degree in business administration and economics and obtained his doctorate with his thesis "Recipe optimization for meat products".  This software program, which was designed to facilitate the implementation of guidelines for meat and meat products in 1975, was expanded to ultimately represent an ERP system.  First for the meat industry, then for the entire food industry.

Today, CSB-System AG based in Geilenkirchen, is the leading industry IT specialist  for the process industries of food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and trade. With its offering of software, hardware, services and business consulting from a single source, the company sees itself as an innovation partner that creates competitive edge for its customer base. As has been the case since its beginnings, the central focus of the company is still on the optimization of processes and products.  "Our systems are not designed for all industries, but focused on a few to cater to their specific needs. With our systematic optimization approach, we can guarantee Best Practices," Schimitzek says as he describes the strategy of CBS. We now have deployed CSB solutions at approx. 1,200 customers worldwide. 

CSB is in use in more than 50 countries.


"As industry specialists, we want to enable our customers to maintain a head start in the fiercely competitive environment of the process industry with optimized processes through IT and automation," says Schmitzek's daughter Vanessa Kröner 40 years after the company's foundation. Kröner, along with her father represent the company's executive board, and is responsible for the areas of finance, sales and marketing.   She has positioned the company in an even more global environment: CSB is active in 50 countries and has an own regional organization in more than 25 countries. With some 600 members of staff and an annual sales volume of around 77 million euros (2016), CSB is one of the largest owner-managed software enterprises in Europe – and it is expanding further. The success of its customers is always a central focal point: "We're all in this together, in the same boat so to say, the customer and us. The better we are, the more competitive our customers are," says Schimitzek. This is why the CSB-System optimally maps out all business processes, from original production to the consumer and from the machine to controlling. The high degree of integration of the system is unique. This is also the reason that CSB was awarded the renowned ERP System of the Year Award in 2016. 

Currently in focus: The digital networking of the value-added chain


Innovations are just as much a part of the DNA of CSB as process optimization. CSB is known as the software pioneer in the international food industry and has produced several revolutionary developments. CSB implemented mobile business processes at a very early stage, such as mobile data capture on the shopfloor. The company has been involved in the technology of industrial image processing for more than thirty years. And CSB also recognized the vast potential of cloud computing very early on:  The company has been operating its own high-security computer center in Geilenkirchen since 2008.  The CSB computer center is certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and is being utilized by an ever-growing amount of customers. Plus, with CSB-Automation, the company has formed a unit specialized in the design of innovative automation solutions. Currently, CSB is focusing on the digital networking of the value-added chain in accordance with Industry 4.0. "By combining software, hardware and consultant we make our customers Industry 4.0 ready – and therefore also futureproof," says Kröner.

All sails set for expansion


And what does the future look like for CSB? The company is growing and has generated 150 new jobs at its development headquarters and has built for new training and seminar rooms. Plus, CSB is also planning new offices in Brazil, China and South Korea. "We are very well positioned globally. This applies to our solutions as well as to the expansion of the company. We have every reason to look positively into the future."

What will the process industry look like in 10 years?

Right on schedule to its 40th anniversary, CSB has published a book. In "2027 – A look back at the future of innovation", CSB and its customers and external experts answer some existing questions about the future: Which topics will CSB and its customers deal with in the years to come? How will the food industry develop, what will the trends be in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries? In short: What will the process industry look like in 10 years? The book can be downloaded at

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