Smart beef production

Reduce costs, ensure animal-based traceability, produce profitably, deliver fast and fresh, and be ahead of the competition. Optimal control of costs and capacities and intelligent use of resources and raw materials are imperative.

Optimum control of business processes: Horizontal, Vertical, Modular and Scalable.

Our industry-specific solution perfectly supports you with a functional scope tailored to beef production. The wide range and depth of functions included in the turnkey solution Ensure maximum coverage of your specific requirements in the standard version. Advance the control of your business processes with the integrated industry solution for beef production. horizontal Vertical. Modular and scalable.


Best Practice

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A turnkey solution for all requirements of beef production - for which processes can we provide support?

  • Controlling & reporting
  • Supply Chain Management throughout the entire supply chain: producers, vendors, beef producers, retailers and customers
  • Livestock management
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Product availability management
  • Slaughter including slaughter planning and slaughter data entry
  • Cutting including cutting planning and cutting optimization
  • Yield control
  • Production planning and control
  • Production including recipe otpimization
  • Variable weight processing
  • Identification & labeling
  • Sales with picking, dispatch and route management
  • Multichannel sales with field service management, subsidiary management & POS, web apps & online shop integration
  • Full traceability and proof of origin including standardized interfaces to databases, for instance fTRACE, mynetfair, ATC, HIT
  • Quality management
  • Electronic data interchange
  • MES with production control system and maintenance
  • Machine and system control
  • Industrial image processing for automatic item recognition and raw material assessment of beef

Your benefits as a customer

  • You have high security of investment because the CSB-System specifically caters to the needs of beef production, covering these requirements already with the standard version, from rearing to consumer and from machine connection to controlling.
  • You save costs and you introduce the system in a fast and efficient manner, as the CSB-System offers modules for all areas of beef production, which you can flexibly and systematically extend at a later stage. In this way, the software adapts to the development of your business, and not vice versa. Additional third-party software is not needed and interfaces are reduced to a minimum.
  • You improve efficiency and quality as redundancies, inconsistencies and work for double entries are a thing of the past at your company.
  • You achieve full transparency of all business areas because they are interlinked in one system with a consistent data basis. In this way, you can further streamline your business processes.
  • You have all essential core processes of beef production in one system.

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Smart beef production
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