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Töpfer, manufacturer of organic baby food and baby care products of purely natural cosmetics, has been using the CSB-System since 1998. During this time, it has implemented a wide range of modules. The latest extension includes a fully integrated CSB solution for tracing goods. Thomas Bienerth, IT manager at Töpfer for four years now, explains: “We very much appreciate the flexibility that the CSB-System provides for us as IT users. We can even make our own in-depth adaptations. Moreover, this is an industry-specific solution offering specialized functionalities that are important for us. In particular, the CSB-System takes a batch-oriented approach that perfectly suits our manufacturing methods.”

Before introducing the CSB-System, Töpfer used Access and lists to ensure traceability. Today, the software on two CSB-Racks, i.e. special industrial PCs, assigns SSCC numbers (SSCC = Serial Shipping Container Code) immediately after packaging. Töpfer has converted the internal nomenclature for its 230 production items and now also uses SSCCs to enable clear identification of material flows. This is complemented by the existing meticulous raw material data collection. Each process is started with printing a label that goes along with the raw product all the way. The product is captured by means of scanners at every relevant station in the factory, from goods receiving via production up to shipping. This M-ERP solution is suitable for Töpfer because baby food consists of a range of base compounds, and each product represents a pre-stage of another product - in some cases, across six stages. At the factory in Dietmannsried, Töpfer deliberately produces very small batches, which increases the test and sample cycles for the highly sensitive products. In addition to the scanner data, relevant ADC data are captured throughout all stages of production. Ultimately, this allows for a complete overview of the journey and handling of different ingredients up to the dispatch units. Of course, the CSB-System also captures where the goods go, and which route they take. This way, Töpfer meets all relevant requirements of the IFS 6 higher level standards as well as of the ordinance on organic farming.

Customer Quote Töpfer:
“CSB-System directly incorporates any changes requested by the customers. This way, all users mutually benefit from the ideas and improvements across sector boundaries. Such improvements are not just some ad-hoc solutions, but practical solutions integrated in the CSB-System.”
Thomas Bienerth, IT Manager
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