Turnkey Solution for Juice Manufacturer

For ultra-modern juice manufacturer Haus Rabenhorst O. Lauffs GmbH & Co. KG, quality consciousness always had top priority. Established more than 200 years ago as a vineyard and still in the hands of the family, the company processes choice-quality fruits for the production of premium fruit juices. For over ten years now, Rabenhorst has been using the CSB-System as central software to control its entire value chain – from purchasing and production, sales and quality management to intralogistics.

Rabenhorst has three machines for filling the beverages into bottles of varying sizes. The 80 and more mixing recipes including technology specifications are managed with the CSBSystem. Using a practice-proven optimization model, the optimal raw materials input, possible production losses, sensory conditions and additives are fully incorporated. Based on the ingredients and the analysis
values of the raw material batches, the integrated batch optimization calculates the recipes for the mix which are then made available to production. Variable recipe compositions allow the company to respond to strong fluctuations in raw material prices and to use the required materials at optimal costs. At the production control station, comprehensive production plans are established and transferred to manufacturing planning as well as bottling and decanting planning. The manufactured
juices are filled into bottles of different sizes which are then packed in boxes. These boxes are stacked on pallets according to a pre-defined layout. The automatic pallet construction is accomplished by a dedicated CSB module.

Success Story

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