IT Solution for “creative polymers”

Since 1965, Interpolymer has been manufacturing special polymers for various applications. The market leader in the areas of surface care, cosmetics and industrial applications such as paint and varnishes operates production sites in the USA, Europe and Asia. The IT support at Interpolymer is provided by the industry-specific software of CSB-System AG. The system with a multilanguage configuration creates transparency and efficiency in all processes of the chemicals company.

Cutting-edge production sites with reactors of a few hundred kilograms up to 20 tons can produce special polymers with a wide range of different ingredients. The CSB-System controls coverage planning of the stock on hand and the goods required for production. One of Interpolymer’s most important objectives is to ensure permanent delivery capability to its customers. So up-to-date and reliable stock information is compulsory. In the CSB-System, all relevant data of the different warehouses are available company-wide.

Being provided such consistent data bases, the materials requirement planners can make sound decisions. Production schedulers, too, are supported by the CSB-System in their daily work. For instance, Interpolymer uses the integrated production functionalities to schedule production in advance and long-term. Every week, the planned production is checked at day level and fine-tuned; created production orders are adjusted. This results in corresponding requirement quantities of raw materials and supplies. These materials are administrated, purchased and accepted by means of the procurement modules of the CSB-System. For the vendor selection, purchasers can refer to a clear and detailed overview of numerous statistical data and the latest purchasing prices per vendor and item as well as vendor assessments detailing delivery precision, quality deviations etc. Special products such as high-quality raw materials and their quality attributes are agreed in fixed contracts with the vendors. So already when placing the order, the purchaser can call up top quality goods from these contracts. The screen then shows up-to-date information about the degree of performance for the respective contract so the user gets a quick and easy overview. Finally, the production department retrieves supplies from the appropriate warehouse and prepares the scheduled batch in the numerous reactors. Here, the chemical specifications of the components play an important role and need to be observed in the production order. Again, it is the CSB-System that directly provides the required key data for the user.

Success Story

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