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IGP Pulvertechnik AG from Switzerland is the leading powder coating specialist for high-quality, durable system solutions in the architecture and transport sectors. IGP, which is part of the DOLD group, is based in Wil, in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen, and has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Hungary. Its sales activities cover more than 30 countries around the world. The company with a staff of 380 employees achieves annual sales of more than 125 million Euro. To support the above-average success in an optimal manner, the innovative powder coatings manufacturer has been relying on the CSB-System for more than 10 years now.

 The industry-specific software links the locations in Switzerland, Germany and France. The implementation of integrated processes at IGP eliminated all stand-alone solutions and interface problems. “Our IT solution is a seamless system that can be extended anytime if needed. The multilanguage, multicompany and multicurrency features of the CSB-System optimally support our global growth. The internationality of the CSB group of companies is yet another advantage for us,” says Roger Küng, head of the IT department.

12,000 tons in 18,000 batches

Every year, IGP produces 12,000 tons in 18,000 batches and processes nearly 75,000 active recipes for about 173,000 items. The CSB-System ensures efficiency and transparency throughout all process steps, and provides support right from the development stage for the innovative powder coatings. For example, the system supplies all development recipes to the lab as well as to the head of the development department so they can refer to the data as history or basis for further development. Additionally, the system comprises integrated modules for hazardous materials management. These modules enable the administration, editing and printing of labels for hazardous materials. The integrated Lab Information and Management System (QLS/LIMS) fully supports certification such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Given the high level of integration of all areas in enterprise resource planning, the entire company benefits from efficient and fast processes. “Within 24 hours, we can deliver from stock the requested powder coatings to our customers. From production, the products can be shipped to the destination within five to eight days. For us, the CSB-System is vital”, says Leo D´Anna, head of operations and member of the executive management at IGP.

Customer Quote IGP:
“The CSB-System is vital for us now.”
Leo D’Anna, Member of executive management and operations manager
Success Story

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