No more detours

More and more enterprises discover the cost saving potentials of optimizing the
in-house truck fleet by means of IT. Fleischhof Rasting, a production facility of EDEKA,
has equipped its 80 vehicles with a new route optimization solution by CSB-System -
and saves time and costs as a result.

 Meckenheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, 3 a.m. The last orders are being loaded onto the truck and off it goes. Today, the driver will go to eleven or twelve EDEKA stores, delivering the ordered goods, collecting empties and then move on to the next subsidiary. Throughout each of these activities, the driver is supported by the new IT system that Fleischhof Rasting has now introduced to optimize the entire supply logistics at its sites in Meckenheim and Essen. “The logistics for delivering fresh meat and sausages to our customers every day is rather complex. In order to optimize deliveries while keeping the prices for the consumers at a minimum, we are using an integrated solution by CSB-System. With the latest upgrade, we incorporated enterprise resource planning, material flows and logistics even more closely,” says Manfred Sebastian, head of business administration.

Looking at the figures, the optimization potentials of logistics become even more obvious. On an average day, Rasting’s 80 drivers go to about 800 customers, partly driving on motorways, but often also on country and municipal roads, and distribute up to 15,000 E3 crates. “For us, this means lots of miles every day, and the delivery addresses and order quantities keep varying. Any small detours of the individual drivers overall easily add up to a few hours’ time and many liters of fuel as unnecessary costs every day,” Sebastian explains. Consequently, it is vital to establish good schedules and to optimize the routes which are transferred to the trucks.

Customer Quote Fleischhof Rasting:
"The investment in the new solution pays off every day because the quality of our logistical processes for the delivery of our products has increased considerably."
Manfred Sebastian, Head of business administration
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