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CSB stands for quality. Quality that has been verified, found to be good and certified. Quality that is being controlled and improved time and again. Because we know that verifiable quality is important also in your business.

Quality not only relates to high-quality products and services, but just as well to corresponding business processes and a corporate culture geared to quality.

This is why we not only assure our quality with numerous certificates and quality seals, but also with reliable processes at our company.

CSB-System has received the following certificates, quality seals and awards:

CSB-System AG certified to ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is nationally and internationally the most important standard for quality management and is based on the following eight principles:

1.Customer focus
2.Responsible leadership
3.Involvement of people
4.Process approach
5.System approach to management
6.Continuous improvement
7.Factual approach to decision making
8.Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Since 1995, CSB-System AG has been holding the ISO 9001 certificate of DQS GmbH for the successful auditing of its management system in the areas consulting, conception, development, implementation and project support for information and communication systems for business management and control.

IFFA 2016: Award for best innovation in the meat industry

For the fourth time, the trade magazine Fleischerei Technik presented the prestigious Fleischerei Technik Award at the IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany, on 9 May 2016. This award honours outstanding innovations in the meat processing industry. This prize was awarded to suppliers of machinery and equipment as well as to service suppliers whose developments create a sustainable advantage for production processes of meat processing and sausage producing companies.

In order to determine the best innovations in a total of eleven categories, the expert jury, consisting of scientists, editorial team and publishing house management, took into consideration the factors quality assurance, cost reduction, sustainability and effective process design.

In the category "Automation", the Fleischerei Technik Award 2016 went to CSB-System AG for the industrial image processing with "CSB-Vision". As representatives of all the CSB employees involved, Dr. Klemens van Betteray, Vice President, and Peter Häberling, Technical Product Manager, accepted the award at the IFFA:

"We are very pleased to receive this special honour.
Our trend-setting image processing technologies are a key module on the way towards the fully automatic meat factory. Our product line CSB-Vision enables meat processing companies to analyse the quality and optimal use of raw materials and products and to reduce error rates and costs through consistent measurements. All of this is done fully automatic and without human intervention."

CSB-System Payroll module awarded GKV certificate

Certified quality for your company’s payroll

The GKV certificate is the highest quality seal of the social security providers that can be given to a payroll software and is awarded each year by the ITSG.

A comprehensive system check is prerequisite for companies to receive this certificate. It guarantees program security and ease of use for the CSB-System Payroll module.

Halal Certification

CSB-System has been Halal-certified by Halal Certification Services GmbH, based in Rheinfelden, Switzerland. This certification guarantees that CSB-System complies with the relevant and required documentation features for the proof of an orderly food production according to Islamic rites.

For detailed information regarding the certified documentation features, please click on the magnifying glass icon to see an enlarged view of the certificate.

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