Inventory Management II - Intermediate (GER)

Inventory Management II - Intermediate (GER)


Kestenholz, Switzerland

Dátum / időtartam:

18.09.2015 | 09:00 – 17:00 Óra

További információ:

Language of instruction: GERMAN



Részvételi díj:

1580 CHF*


What you want to know ...

You want to use the inventory management functions of the CSB-System for a clear identification of the loading equipment and for tracing the equipment from receiving or production to sales. You want to create labels with barcode information for your equipment and carry out inventory movements by scanning label information. Additionally, you want to allocate a test status or product quality to batches or single loading equipment to allow for a differentiated release or blocking of goods and to control the release of specific inventory postings. Furthermore, you want to get to know the integrated logging functions of the inventory to reproduce those inventory postings which do not directly provide manageable results through user interaction.

What you will learn …

You know when to use reference numbers or SSCC (serial shipping container code) for labeling loading equipment and you can identify the respective information, for example about items, quantity, batch and sell-by date. You know how to book goods in the inventory area of the CSB-System on the basis of reference numbers and SSCC and how to trace them. You can define the structure of EAN-128 barcodes for the label print of loading equipment and you get to know the settings in the CSB-System that are required for the efficient and safe realization of inventory postings through barcode information scanning. For the clearly identified loading equipment and for every batch, you can manage an inventory status and you know how to define and edit that status. You can set up restrictions for inventory entry and exit postings on the basis of the inventory statuses and you can use the logging functions of inventory management.

What you know so far ...

You have participated in the seminar “Inventory Management I.”

What we offer …

  • Overview area/program parameters
  • Reference number/SSCC management
  • Reference number/SSCC allocation
  • Tracking references and SSCC
  • Inventory status definition and use
  • Label print and scanner entry


Division Managers, Key-Users


* Please remark that this training will be carried out by
CSB System AG Schweiz. The training flat rates of the
CSB-College are not valid for this training.