Traceability - Build confidence through safe and traceable products

Entirely determine and prove at any time when, where and by whom your goods were taken over, processed, stored, transported, consumed or disposed of. CSB-Traceability handles this task for you.

Traceability in the CSB-System

With CSB’s traceability solution, you control, document and monitor the flow of goods of your products throughout the entire supply chain. The system fully captures all origin and process data and transfers them to your customers and external databases such as fTRACE and mynetfair. Of course, CSB-Traceability ensures compliance with the most important laws, directives and standards. Be prepared for any incident and ensure maximum accessibility of your products with CSB-Traceability.

These are your benefits as a customer - Advantages of the Traceability solution

  • Full traceability and proof of origin ensure legal security and limitation of risks
  • Transparent flows of goods ensure maximum accessibility of products in the event of an incident
  • Data exchange with vendors, customers and traceability databases (irrespective of operator, e. g. fTrace, mynetfair, ATC) is ensured

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