Accounting and Finance – Successful corporate control based on reliable key data

With our certified Accounting and Finance software solutions, you have an overview of all key financial indicators of your business at all times,  you can benefit from quick and efficient functions for your financial transactions, standardize business processes in the global business and reliably fulfill legal requirements regarding compliance.

Accounting and Finance in the CSB-System

Financial Accounting – Company-wide and integrated

CSB Financial Accounting supports all your accounting processes, taking into consideration all important regulations and standards regarding invoicing. Furthermore, it allows for multiple valuation levels for company accounts: pursuant to commercial law (HGB), International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) or United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US-GAAP). Manual postings are reduced to a minimum as procurement and sales invoices are automatically transferred to and recorded in Financial Accounting. All relevant data of the entire material flow are supplied to Financial Accounting.

Asset Accounting – The right decision for your assets

With the CSB Asset Accounting, you can transparently and easily manage your assets. Its depreciation and valuation models meet all national and international requirements and it allows for multiple tax and costing-based valuation levels for asset input: pursuant to commercial law (HGB), International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRA) or United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US-GAAP).

Cost Accounting – Your company's success is predictable

With CSB Cost Accounting, you quickly and securely control the profitability of your company. Systematic comparisons of your target-actual costs identify deviations. Added value is automatically reconciled with the actual production costs per cost center. Direct and indirect as well as fixed and variable costs are directly assigned to the cost causer. In addition to traditional cost accounting, the CSB-System offers project cost accounting and actual cost unit accounting.

Your advantages as a customer – Benefits of Accounting and Finance

  • Forecasting of future business performance based on reliable plan data
  • Online access to all information and analysis tools ensures a company-wide cost control system
  • EDI data exchange (Elster) simplifies communication with authorities

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