Production Planning and Control – Efficiently and flexibly plan production processes

Challenges in production are complex and not always predictable. So thorough scheduling of production is even more important. The CSB Production Planning and Control supports you in continuously optimizing your production processes and reducing costs.

Production Planning and Control in the CSB-System

Be it short-term, mid-term or long-term scheduling: The CSB PPC determines any detailed key indicators required for planning to enable consistent monitoring and control of production processes. This way, you can get an overview anytime about the quantities to be produced, the lead times of orders, the current stock on hand, and the utilized capacity of departments and machines. The central ERP system supplies all required data online and presents them in a freely defined planning matrix with a clearly structured layout. Given its modular combination of planning matrix and optimization graph, the system is ideal for small-scale and large-scale planning environments.

Your advantages as a customer – Benefits of Production Planning and Control

  • Optimal use of staff, machines, materials including set-up time and maintenance management minimizes costs
  • Multiple planning horizons such as short-, medium- and long-term production planning maximize your readiness for delivery
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