Successful controlling industry processes - Securing IT implementation

In the industries for food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, CSB FACTORY ERP represents the entire primary value creation of production and logistics, ensuring optimal operational control of the production sites.  

Standard interfaces between Group and FACTORY ERP guarantee a stable, flexible and integrated system landscape.  Not only does this ensure security and stability, but it also makes your IT more flexible and simplifies expansions. Updates and upgrades to new releases can be realized quickly and cost-effectively. New market requirements and legal changes can be integrated easily.

Plus, CSB FACTORY ERP ensures transparency and efficiency at your factories. All factory units are networked within one system with a consistent data basis. As a result, you eliminate redundancies, inconsistencies and work for double entries. You can easily identify weak points at your factories, enhance the responsiveness on site and substantially reduce the overall costs. 

International corporations and corporate groups have been working successfully for years with classic ERP systems from global providers. In many cases, however, such ERP systems are not able to map the production and logistics processes in an optimal manner, not even after extensive adaptation efforts. On the other hand, MES systems are not capable of representing the business processes at the factories. The result: Special in-house developments and stand-alone solutions at the production sites create a cluttered IT landscape that is costly, inflexible and slow.

To succeed in the market, you need to be perfectly positioned, especially at your factories. Production and logistics must be able to control your processes optimally, your IT must be able to maintain and adapt the system landscape easily, and top management must have a clear view of the entire group of companies. We help you to control your factories optimally and supplement your Group ERP with CSB FACTORY ERP and its unparalleled industry-specific processes. 

These are your benefits as a customer - Advantages of supplementing your Group ERP with the industry-specific CSB FACTORY ERP

  • Extension of your Group IT with unparalleled specialized processes: CSB Factory ERP with its best-practice standards covers all industry requirements with its standard version.
  • Successful control of the group and corporate factories: CSB Factory ERP unites all vital core processes industry-specifically in one system.
  • Integrated system landscape: CSB Factory ERP ensures security and stability, making your IT more flexible and easily expandable.
  • Efficiency and quality increase: CSB Factory ERP contains best-practice industry standards.
  • Full transparency and lean business processes: CSB Factory ERP interlinks all areas of the factory in one system with a consistent data basis.
  • System introduction at a fixed price: The implementation of CSB Factory ERP utilizing the standard interfaces is performed at a fixed price.
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