Inventory management system - Reduce turnover times and stocks

Short distances, accelerated turnover times and lower risks and costs for your stocks. This requires a lot of control which the inventory management system by CSB handles in a quick and reliable manner.

Inventory management system in the CSB-System

Manage, control and monitor your storage systems automatically and efficiently with the inventory management system (IMS) by CSB. The CSB-IMS determines storage positions automatically, taking into account the technical structures of your warehouse as well as current storage position assignments. A control center clearly visualizes free capacities in your storage systems and generates suggestion for stock entries, stock removals and stock transfers. Reduce your stocks with the CSB-IMS. Your costs will go down while your liquidity will go up.

These are your benefits as a customer - Inventory management system

  • Optimum inventory and process planning increases stock turnover and reduces costs
  • Automated processes increase efficiency and reduce error rates
  • Real-time inventory control ensures process reliability
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